Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"There's no Place Like Home"

K.. don't ask me why I picked that title. I sat here at my computer trying to tune into what I should write about tonight and that is what came to me. I guess it's because the last 2 days have been back to back meetings with people networking. It's fascinating to me this process of connecting and at the same time I am realizing it's taking a tole on me. I had to take a break today for an hour or so and get myself grounded back to my roots. So hence the "There's no place like Home" title. I guess I see that as getting back to WHO I AM.

I love what one of my friends said to me today,  "BE YOU.. You are the only You there is!" It's true. Me.. Becky Sampson is unique in my own way and who I am and what I stand for is IMPORTANT. As most of you know as you have kept up on my blog that this has been a journey for me to get to this point AND I have to say it feels good to know who I am and to not have ANYTHING that I hide from anyone. I am a  open book.

I got on my knees today and asked God to lead and guide me and my actions. I expressed to Him that I was His to do with as He pleases. I want to be an instrument in His hands to help others and to help them see that there is hope in this world. I also wanted to know how I could get my message out to the world.  As I got up from my knees, I heard my cell phone buzz. I almost missed the call but it was a lady who had found me on facebook and quickly asked me if I would be on her radio show as a guest. Sometimes I find myself soo amazed with how God works. It's sometimes instantaneous. I ask to get my message out to world.. and WHAM.. phone call comes in and makes it possible. This just goes to show, I am NOT the one driving this vehicle of mine. Yes..of course I believe, I create my own reality but ultimately when I align my will with God's will.. there is endless possibilities.

So after a couple of days of lots of connecting, it's nice to be home writing my blog and connecting yet again with all of you. I have soo much gratitude for the many of you that inspire me as well in my life. We couldn't do this alone. Even those who I meet everyday.. they are people who want to make a difference in the world... they want to give back. I almost feel there is a shift and there is an army of people willing to go to war against this doom and gloom that is out there in our societies. Yes.. there is light. You MATTER! You are uniquely you. No one else in this planet is like you and you have gifts that no one else has. Unfortunately you can't share those with others if you don't see them within yourself.

From my experience, when you get clear on your gifts, God brings people into your life to help you share those gifts with the world if that is your desire. That is what is happening with me. I don't get up in the morning and ask.... who can serve me.. I ask.. who can I serve? What ends up happening is I get opportunities to serve others and at the same time people are soo willing to assist me in my vision and purpose. It's a beautiful thing.

ACT NOW: I am going to challenge each one of you out there if you want to participate to pick one gift you have within you that you can share with the world. Ask yourself, what can you do right now to share that with others and by when are you going to do that? I want you to text me when you get clear. It's ok.. I don't mind getting hundreds of texts. I have unlimited texts.. lol Share with me what your gift is and how you are going to share it and by when. I look forward to your text messages. If you would like you can also put your name on it. I will gather them and post them on my blog for everyone to see. This is going to start my accountability ACT NOW program. I am realizing just how important this is to people moving in a positive direction and it all starts with a simple text. 801-427-0490

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