Saturday, December 24, 2011

My Savior... My Friend!

This year has been one of great reflection and learning for me. I have always been a religious person but to be honest with you, I have NEVER in my life gone to the depth of spirituality that I have in this last year. As many of you may know I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and have been my whole life. I even was a full time missionary in 1995-1996 where I served in the Pocatello Mission. I have attended church weekly, even graduated from seminary. Even through all those years of being religious thinking it was complicated, I have come to realize just how incredibly SIMPLE God's love is for me.

I think I had this idea in my head that if I was perfect enough by checking off my "TO DO" list that I would be worthy of His love and acceptance. So I served my mission to the best of my ability and the very last day, when I found out my father had died in a car accident and I was being sent home the following day, I remember questioning if I had really done my best. Little did I know, I was an incredible missionary. Someone who served diligently with her heart and influenced many lives. At the time though if you asked me, I would tell you all the things I did wrong that made it not so. I couldn't accept that my imperfections were enough. I remember very clearly, the day I got released as a missionary and the man who released me said... "You were a great missionary." He didn't know I was questioning if I had done enough, he didn't even know me personally and let alone understand what it felt like to have just lost my father to a tragic accident. Again, I didn't accept that truth of me being enough just the way I was.

So this was a common theme throughout my life... am I enough? ... will I ever be enough? Is there more that I can "DO" to be acceptable in God's eyes? I have discovered for the first time in my life.... NO. I am already enough. I am already worthy of His love and acceptance just the way I am. There are things I choose to do on a daily basis that draw me closer to Him.. and further away from Him. God's Love, Mercy and Grace are exquisite. I now understand and continue to understand just how AMAZING this love is He has for me and for each one of you.

As for the Savior, since I have experienced a total transformation from the inside out, I have come to discover the incredible power of the atonement. I used to think the atonement was for people who had done horrible things, now I understand that the atonement is a GIFT for me to utilize each day to bring me closer to my Heavenly Father.

I was in church the other day and made a comment about how I have been reading a lot in the scriptures about Repentance. The scriptures counsel us OVER and OVER again.. "If they would only repent and keep the commandments.. then they shall have ALL that God has and more." So I have been on this journey to understand and ask what it is that I need to repent of so I may become more like the Savior and closer to God. Another comment from someone in the room was we needed to stop beating ourselves up. Although I agree 100% with that, I don't see repentance as a way to beat myself up, I see it as an incredible blessing and opportunity to draw closer to my Savior and to learn to accept His Sacrifice and service He rendered for ME.

My Savior.. My friend! I have learned and developed this amazing trust with my Savior. Our relationship is like any other relationship, I had to learn first who my Savior was then through many experiences, I learned to trust. As I trusted more my respect and love grew. My understanding of how he communicates with me expanded. This picture below is the picture I have up in my bedroom and I look at it each morning when I wake up. I spend time meditating to it. I see it as the Savior with His arms stretched forth towards me encouraging me to come to Him. It also reminds me that I need to be open to receiving. I struggle with that at times. As with many of you, we are so good at giving .. giving.. and giving more to others but when it comes to having to receive, it's hard. I have been on the receiving side many times this year and I am grateful for those in my life that have carried me and lifted my own soul as I have struggled. Isn't that what this life is all about anyway. The Savior has lifted me... I lift others.. others lift me. It's all one eternal circle of service.

So during this time of the year, I can't help but give thanks to the very one who gave me life, God. He also provided me with the most incredible gift my brother, my Savior, my friend who is teaching me by His example who I must become. I am grateful for this journey I have been on and for the knowledge I have now.

I KNOW that my Savior died for me and most importantly, lives today so that I may be forgiven for those choices I make that draw me further away from God. I know that God lives and knows me intimately.. my heart .. my soul.. my desires. He loves me and guides me each and every single day. I know when I am inspired to make a call, connect with a certain person or to serve that all that comes from Him. I know the Atonement of Jesus Christ is REAL. I know that because I have experienced the mighty change of heart in my own life and continue to feel it's power as I learn to turn my life over to Him. I know there is a living Prophet Thomas S. Monson that stands as the mouth piece for the Lord. I am grateful for His guidance and counsel He gives me. I know that the scriptures were written for OUR day and to help me understand how God works and His love for me. I live in such an incredible time where I have been given soo much.

I pray that each one of you finds peace in your heart.. and healing. I will say, even though my life is not perfect and there are days I still struggle, I feel because I have learned better to rely on the Lord it makes those challenging times easier. I pray for the same to be for you as well. God bless and always remember that you are important, you have a purpose here on earth and that you are LOVED.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Year End Review of 2011 - List of things I have learned......

This year has been one of the most growing years of my life for many more reasons than some may think. I haven't written in awhile and partly that is because I have been so busy in helping people with Sponsor Me Slim and been involved in my own personal relationships. I felt as though I have grown SOOO much by all the amazing experiences I have had that I can't help but be in such gratitude. Even the really tough times, I knew things would work out just the way they were suppose to. 

Here are a few things I have learned from this past year. 

... I have learned I don't need a lot to survive
... I have learned that I create my peace and balance wherever I am 
... I have learned that it's important to have good friends and acknowledge the good in them often
... I have learned to lean solely on God for my strength and trust in His almighty wisdom
... I have learned how to better listen to the counsel of the Lord
... I have learned how important it is to put the Lord First before anything else
... I have learned that even though I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel... to keep walking with Faith. 
... I have learned that I come from one of the most amazing families.. I am blessed to have them in my life.
... I have learned to appreciate the small and simple things in life
... I have learned that my story doesn't define me
... I have learned to serve others with No attachments. 
... I have learned to love unconditionally not being attached to the result of the relationship
... I have learned that I am beautiful and have great value
... I have learned to BE PRESENT in the moment
... I have learned to let go and TRUST God with all my Heart 
... I have learned just how incredibly Tenacious I am
... I have learned that I am experiencing life exactly as I am suppose to do.. Challenges and all
... I have learned in order to inspire I had to create value in other's lives
... I have learned that being healthy is RARE. 
... I have learned to see the GREAT in all people and acknowledge it to them
... I have learned how sensitive Men are
... I have learned what's most important to me
... I have learned how to follow my heart and speak my truth
... I have learned to appreciate and embrace the teachings in the scriptures
... I have learned to ACT NOW when opportunities present itself
... I have learned how fragile life is and to tell people I love them because I never know when they will be gone
... I have learned how incredibly blessed I am
... I have learned to appreciate every aspect of myself
... I have learned to be confident
... I have learned I create massive value in all my relationships
... I have learned to love more deeply
... I have learned to heal and utilize the atonement more
... I have learned to have NO JUDGEMENT towards others who think differently than I
... I have learned to be grateful when I am in the Flow and to take advantage of that time
... I have learned to accept what is
... I have learned how to forgive.... wow this one was a big one. Starting with me.. then forgiving others
... I have learned to trust more
... I have learned to take more time in making big decisions
... I have learned to not rush into things
... I have learned that things are just things
... I have learned to look for miracles on a daily basis
... I have learned to ask for help
... I have learned to receive love and affection
... I have learned to be honored for who I am and my beauty and intelligence I have to bring to the world
... I have learned to be open to others opinions
... I have learned to create safe spaces for others to share
... I have learned to better communicate
... I have learned that God knows me intimately and wants me to feel JOY & PEACE
... I have learned how important the temple is to my spiritual growth
... I have learned how important it is to be teachable 
... I have learned how to help others heal and the gift I have been given to do so
... I have learned that I am very intuitive

These are just a few things I have learned over this past year. Although it has flown by and we are just about to go into a brand new year, I have to say, I am humbled by the many blessings I have in my life at this time. Some may say, "I don't know how you did it!" I say to that.. I don't either.. but with the Help of my Savior Jesus Christ and my belief in God as my partner, I made it. I know for a fact that God has held me in His hand many many many times.. and even carried me on His back when I wanted to give up. He sent people into my life to help me through challenging times and lifted my spirits when they were down but through it all, my testimony grew, my knowledge in His existence is STRONG. 

It's interesting to me how similar the journey has been of releasing the 130 lbs.. is to building a career. It's the same exact process.. putting the same exact habits in place. It's all about staying focused on the goal.. focused on staying present.. one day at time.. and not allowing myself to get discouraged. 

God never said it would be easy but that it would be worth it and that is soo true. As I kneel in prayer each day and plead with the Lord to be my partner for the day, I am overcome with the spirit as I watch how he leads me to different places and to connect with different people. As an example, today I knelt beside my bed asking the Lord to be with me and to show me miracles and boy did he provide. It was one after another as I kept a log of them in my notebook. Every time I recognized another miracle I would let that person know that they were part of me experiencing a miracle. who says.. miracles don't happen anymore? I experienced about 7 of them today and I know EXACTLY where they came from. I have said this many times, but God desires to be acknowledged too. 

I hope that at the end of this year, you take time to make your own list of things that you have learned. Also take the time to give yourself a pat on the back for all the wonderful things you are accomplished. I will be starting up my blog here a lot more now and in the new year. Feel free to share it with whomever you would like. 

God Bless.. and remember how incredibly valuable you are to this world.