Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Value of a soul

I had a conversation the other day with a friend where he asked me what my greatest accomplishment was in my life. I rattled off some exciting accomplishment I made with my team at work last year and left it at that. As he began to tell me all the things in chronological order that he had accomplished I began to think what was it that I have done to top his great accomplishments. This worried me a bit. That night as I began my evening prayers, my mind was fixated on our conversation we had had earlier.

Why is it that we base our value on things we have done in our life? This started my mind going in soo many different directions. I got out of bed and began writing an email to my friend. I started off by telling him that all those accomplishments he rattled off were not important. I believe we were born into this world valuable and regardless of what we make of our lives, it doesn't change the fact that we are of great value. It is when we put meaning to those accomplishments or talents or status that we get ourselves in trouble.

As I was driving to work the next morning, I saw every person I passed in a different way. I began to notice that even though they may be overweight, smoking, thin, beautiful or average looking.. it just didn't matter anymore. Maybe this was my God thing for that day. I began seeing people as God sees them. Of course we all have the right to make certain choices but it still doesn't change the fact that God loves us all regardless of our societal status.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Living life on purpose

I used to just react to anything and everything and give all kinds of excuses of why I would react to any given thing. I never would show any kind of restraint at all and then would blame others for how I reacted. I since now am learning what is mine and what is someone elses. I take ownership for those things in my life that I create. I identify those things that trigger me and allow myself to feel the deep emotion associated with that trigger. I hold my tongue and allow my thoughts to ponder. I seek for guidance before reacting to a situation. I know the more that I am aware of what I am experiencing the more I have the opportunity of learning from it and acting the way I feel rather than feeling in bondage to just react. I am grateful for the difference in my life because I am no longer a victim to what happens in my life, rather I am someone that is proactive in my thoughts and actions and quite intentional about what I do. I am intentional about the relationships I develop and the resentments I need to let go. I can’t change what I don’t acknowledge and acknowledging is the first step to true recovery for me.

Monday, May 24, 2010


I was inspired this morning to start a video blog. Many of you have mentioned to me that you would like to know when it is that I will be speaking and until those are scheduled, I might as well send you my love through video blogs. So be on the look out for video blog postings.

I am soo grateful for where I am right now and for what I am experiencing. Life is full of beautiful lessons and gifts if we choose to look at them that way.

Something that came to me this morning as I was driving to work was how the snow would hit my window of my car and seem to gravitate towards each other. I find that to be true also in our lives. When we need friends the most while we are falling, God allows us to gravitate towards those people who can help us the most. I know for me, this has been one of the greatest blessings I have experienced. It goes both ways as well. Lately, I have found myself being in the right place at the right time and then having the right thing to say to someone. Same has happened for me. Have you ever thought maybe that we are truly servants for God if we are"WILLING" to listen. Meaning, if we choose to listen and then follow directions whether that is making a phone call, giving chips to a homeless person, saying something just right to someone, giving someone a hug. Most of those things seems so simple but at the same time, maybe they are exactly what someone needs at that moment. It's beautiful to see all these daily miracles happening in my life as well as the lives of those around me.