Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wow.. what an AMAZING last couple of days!!

So HUGE step today in my life. The last couple of days have been a whirlwind as I have been preparing for my event in Salt Lake City. It was great to know that I am very passionate about sharing my message of hope with others. What I know about myself is that there is nothing I can't do with God backing me up. After my shopping spree yesterday, which was probably the biggest shift for me in more ways than one and with the event today and then tomorrow taking of to Washington DC, my life is moving faster than it seems I can keep up.

I love it though. God likes speed. The more energy you put towards things.. the faster it goes. As we are boarding a plane really early tomorrow morning, I can't help but look back on the last couple of weeks and where life has taken me. It goes to show, when you get really clear, God starts putting people into your path to help you with what you need.

We surrendered and God provided. How many times in your life have you tried to control the outcome of anything to only be disappointed at the end? I do it all the time. I keep having to learn over and over again to not be attached to what happens. As I practice at it, it seems to get easier. It's like working out a muscle.

As I presented today the 7 steps to FREEDOM from what's WEIGHing you down, it was clear to me how important each and every step is to my own recovery. I know that there are a lot of different programs out there and the wonderful thing is .. is that this world is full of abundance. I absolutely love teaching from my own heart and experience. It flows and is EASY for me to speak from a very authentic place.

It just goes to show things I fear are often times just a doorway to better things. I know now that it's just a matter of time that I will be connecting with millions of people. Not because I am important or my story is so extraordinary.. it's because I choose have a great desire to be in service to others.

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