Thursday, March 3, 2011

"I Work for God"

Yeah.. that's right. That's my new answer when people ask what I do. I have been non stop in meetings networking with people back to back for the past 2 weeks straight. I definitely hit my wall today and my mind has turned to mush. I feel like I have told my story and shared my vision with so many people it's beginning to come down to the fact that really my vision for life is simple.. it's to Inspire and to create healing in others. Everything else I do supports that vision. I typed out 6 pages worth of things I am doing right now to work on getting my vision of sharing my message of hope with the world. It's a good thing it doesn't all have to get done today and that everything will fall into place when it should.

See that's why working for God is a great thing. God is the absolute best boss ever. He supports me, cheers me on, encourages me, warns me of danger, shows me the way to go, puts the right people in my path at the VERY moment I need them, allows me opportunities to serve others, is patient, kind and forgiving. Why would you ever want to work for anyone else?

Although getting my message out to the world has taken some serious dedication and hard work, it's fulfilling work. I enjoy it soo much and many times feel like it's moving faster than I can keep up with. Everyday is like 10 miracles one after another and I just keep telling people.. this kind of stuff happens to me all day long. Within minutes of meeting with people, they will raddle off someone's name that I need to connect with. What I am soo impressed with as well is how willing people are to share what they know and how willing they are to help. I could not be more grateful for all these wonderful people I am surrounded by right now. It's like God is putting them all here to carry me through this. I just want to be in service to others and since my heart is soo dang pure people see that and want to jump on board to help in anyway they can. I love it. I feel the same way about them and look for opportunities to help them as well. Lots of HUGE decisions I am having to make right now and sometimes it can be a bit difficult at times to know if I am making the right decision. I guess that's another reason it's good to have the boss I do. He truly shows me the way.

Just as a follow up. I am glad to be receiving texts from people during the day that they got their stuff done. I swear that is how things get done. Many times we are the worst at just buckling down and getting things done and we just need someone to tell our goals to and then BE OUR WORD. It matters that you do what you say you are going to do. It's a beautiful thing to get the text "HANDLED!" Gives me the chills.. knowing someone just took a step closer to accomplishing their life's vision and purpose.

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