Saturday, March 5, 2011


Do you check your intentions before doing things in your life?  I would venture to say those people who are constantly checking their intentions or motives are living a life more consciously. Why is it important to know our intentions of why we are doing what we are doing? Well for me it's for the purpose of checking in with myself if what I am doing is self serving or is it to be in service to others.

Ego is a funny thing. It creaps up when I am not watching. This is why I need to keep myself aware at all times as to why I am doing things. Ego is where my shame is. When I am trying to prove something to someone to protect my ego is when I get myself in place of unhealthiness. I have come a very long way the last couple of years. Gone through a lot and have experienced a lot of unhealthiness as well as made some very healthy choices for myself. I have gotten to the point where checking my intentions is a normal practice for myself. I have to be honest though in saying that sometimes I don't want to check my intentions because I know if I did and got honest ... I wouldn't get what I want when I want it. Ever felt like this or I am flying solo on this one?

So .. I ask myself all the reason behind why I am running this marathon. There are multiple reasons like, to get myself on a regular schedule of exercise. Since I started with my 12 step program I have been nervous to work out for fear it would make me hungry which would lead me right back into the food. Funny thing now is that you would think that I would be really hungry running as many miles as I do ... and I haven't noticed anything any different than before. So there you go... I let my fear rule me for 2 years.. and keep me from exercising when what I feared never came true. Interesting. Well, another intention of mine is to draw attention to the fact that we can beat this obesity in this country. I am running for that cause. I believe people as a whole in this country are giving up. I want to show them they don't need to ... it can be done. I would say another intention of my is to learn mental toughness. Although this training does take a tole on me physically .. it's much more of a mental game than I realized. I remember how powerful it was the first time I ran through the finished line knowing that I had made it. I had accomplished something that most people never attempt to do .. and I DIDN'T GIVE UP! That moment in time .. changed my life.

ACT NOW: Check your intention today when you find yourself doing things or connecting with people. When you know WHY  you are doing them, it puts you in the driver seat of your life. You get to choose if those intentions are pure or self serving. Choose healthiness over self servings. I am not saying.. to not take care of yourself.. I think you understand what I mean. Are you creating value for others.. or are you searching for ways that other people can serve you? Ask yourself these questions and then clean up your intentions and you will see a HUGE shift in your life. Don't forget to check your intentions for eating certain foods too. That matters BIG TIME!

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