Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Wow.. what an AMAZING DAY! It started off to be honest with me not wanting to do my 5 mile run. In my head I was rationalizing why I didn't have time to run today and that I had too much to do but after telling one my sponsees about it she encouraged me to get up and go so I did. Got dressed and took off for my clubhouse. I don't usually watch tv but I thought I would do something different today and see what was on. As I flipped through the channels I came across TLC where they had a show on featuring different people struggling with obesity. I couldn't really hear much because of the treadmill but got enough of the show that my heart was pounding. Here were these people who were LITERALLY imprisoned by their body and I was watching people shame them over what they ate. The only thought I could have at that time was "Don't they understand and get that these people shame the heck out of themselves every single day.. they don't need anyone else to tell them they are worthless?" I just wanted to jump through the tv set and give them all the love in the world. Now.. I am not for enabling people... don't get me wrong. There is a way to love someone through this and at the same time be firm. There is a difference.

So much of the reason people never recover from issues dealing with their weight is because they give up on themselves. They are tired of hearing about it from people around them. They are tired of trying diet after diet after diet and failing over and over and over again. My experience in working with people is coaching them through the process of healing themselves from the inside out not to force them into submission. I needed to be loved... I needed to learn how to love myself. I had no clue how to do that until now AND it's a process. I then started thinking how I wanted to write the show and see if there was a way they would allow me to come on and go and visit these people. I can't MAKE anyone do ANYTHING.. what I can do is LOVE them through this and if they are ready to learn to love and accept themselves, they will naturally make the changes they need to to head in the right direction. I have experienced this very thing as I work with people.

I got to mile 3 of my 5 mile run today and the thoughts kept nagging at me that I had a busy day and it's ok.. 3 miles is ok. Although my training schedule called for 5. I decided I would go home and drop off my phone and get my hat and gloves and run outside. As I approached my place I noticed my thoughts turning to yet again.. "You have run 3 miles.. that's good enough for today.. you have a busy day and lots to get done." I almost gave up and then my thoughts turned back to the show of these obese men and woman who had literally given up on themselves and I just couldn't give up on me. So I put on my hat and gloves and took off into the cold to run my last 2 miles.

About 7 minutes into that run .. my ipod died. I was left listening to myself breathe heavily. The thought I then had was.. "oh... there you go. Just quit and head home now. It's a sign!" I fought off those negative thoughts and kept going remembering what I had watched earlier. I can't quit.. I committed to myself to run 5 and I will run 5 miles. As I listened to the rhythm of my breathing and felt the cold on my face and hands, I couldn't help but be more present. Pondering on all the things happening and the people I am meeting right now everyday. As I ran my last mile, the son had just crested over our beautiful snowy mountains here and I couldn't help but think back to when I was in the food. The sun was out but there were clouds so it was cold. I thought back to when I was in the food and eating sugar and flour how much that clouded my thoughts.

I have a very important purpose in life and my experiences that I have had are a HUGE gift to me. I get to share them with the world and I am grateful for that. I can't give up. I still have that FAT brain of mine that likes to take over and tell me I am not worth it or that I might as well give up. I can't give into nor WILL I give into it.

I can't even express to you how many amazing people God is putting on my path right now. I decided today to interview 10 people who have had or who are having HUGE success with weight loss and have them completed by next Wednesday. I will have them available for purchase by end of next week so keep an eye out for them. Each interview will be 1 hour long and will be packed with incredible inspiration. Each have lost their weight in their own way and each have a very unique story to tell. The best thing about them is they are all soo passionate about helping others. I will be interviewing 2 of our local ladies on my radio show this Sunday. Karen who is 39 years old, has 6 kids and has lost over 118 lbs. Valerie who is just about to turn 60 yrs old and has just hit her goal weight after losing 181 lbs. Both my VERY VERY good friends and we have gone through this journey together. I will have their interview for free streaming on Sunday if you are interested in listening. Also feel free to call in and ask them any questions you would like. I will post the information and the link on here on Saturday.

I will be posting before and after pix along with bios from each one of my guests that I will be interviewing. If you know of any other success weight loss stories, please email me privately at and I would love to connect with them. Also today I connected with the 2 contestants that are on currently on this seasons biggest loser and I will be meeting with them on Friday.

I am so grateful. I know God is watching over me and is assisting me in reaching MILLIONS of people who are struggling. I am grateful that God is placing other people along my path that have exactly the same mission I do and passion in turning their wounds into wings. Together we are stronger than we could ever be on our own. Together our stories will change the world.

To see pictures of all the amazing people I am connecting with, add me on facebook. Just look me up as Becky Sampson.


  1. I am so proud of you - my comrade in arms! Grateful to be connected to such an inspirational lady who helps keep me going - just because I know she is there and I know she "gets" this journey I am on.

    It wasn't about that run was all about you!

  2. So grateful to have such a wonderful friend. Thanks for all of your counsel and encouragement!

  3. You two are AWESOME inspirations to me too. Thanks for being apart of my life.