Friday, March 11, 2011

"Truth is Truth"

What's soo interesting to me is how so many people in this world can live totally different lives but somehow end up with the same truths. How is that? Well, I believe it's because truth is truth. I can't tell you how many people I meet everyday that when we start talking about all the things we have learned as we have gone throughout our lives, it's exactly the same.

For instance, one thing that comes up a lot is this truth about creation. Think and Grow Rich concept. I would say it also applies to losing weight. It really does matter what you store in your mind. I say, "Get out of your FAT Brain and into your BIG heart!" It's true. If you allow all this garbage negative thinking to occupy your mind, it will manifest itself on your body or in other areas of your life. I can tell just by talking to people what kind of thoughts they have. There are advantages for living this conscious life as well as at times it feels like a lonely place. Sometimes I wish I could go back to not knowing as much then I could just not have to make tough decisions but overall I like living the life I do. It brings me a ton of peace.

Universal truths come to all people. It feels like a whirlwind of law of attraction. It was told to me tonight that the clearer I get.. the quicker God is able to bring people into my life to make it happen. As I prepare for some very big things in my life, God is just plopping the exact right people on my path. It still just amazes me how this happens. So.. my truth is I don't have to try and control anything other than stay in a place of gratitude for every moment of this journey I am living.

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