Thursday, March 17, 2011

"The Power of Your Intentions"

This is a GREAT article on John Assaraf's Blog. Each day as I get further and further away from the darkness and move into light which is absolute pure joy and creation. I am seeing more and more clearly how this creation thing works. I believe we all are creators. We create our own heaven or our own Hell on a moment by moment basis. The power of intention works the same way. Whether you believe it or not it's still true. They can prove it scientifically that what you store in your mind becomes your reality.

I remember when I first started seeing how powerful creation was in my own life. It was back in May of 2009 when a friend of mine Donna Root was teaching me about Quantum Physics. At first it was a lot for me to rap my head around and the more I learned about it the more it made sense. Up til that point in my life I had given up to the fact I was a victim to what happened to me in my life. Here I was in an abusive marriage, well over 100 lbs overweight, and hoping no one would find out my little secret that I truly hated myself for who I had become. I didn't feel worthy of anyone's love or acceptance. Donna taught me that I was the creator of all things. Soon this quote flowed from my mouth. The quote is "Creation is perfect in EVERY WAY! If we choose to surrender ALL, we become creators of ALL things EFFORTLESSLY." Really... ??? Think about it. If our thoughts and beliefs rule our feelings.. which then rule our actions we end up with a result. Can't it also be said that creation begins within our thoughts?  Who creates the thoughts?? You do. Look at it this way...

BELIEF'S OR FEELINGS = I am not worthy of love or to be accepted
FEELINGS = Despair, frustration, self hatred
ACTIONS = Overeat and go into an inactive state
RESULTS = Overweight and unhealthy

So .. can you see how at the very root of the problem.. it starts with our very core belief's? We need to get to root of the problem if we ever want lasting positive results. I don't just talk about eating better because you can white knuckle it for a while but if you don't get to the very core of the problem, it will eventually shift back into unhealthy eating and negative thinking. You can plug any kind of RESULT into this equation and work yourself back to figure out what the core faulty belief is.

 ACT NOW: Look at what you are creating in your life? Is it heaven or hell? Ask yourself some tough questions and be willing to see it for what it is. No one has power over you and your own creation. When you get clear on your intention for creations you will get clear on what you want to create from this time forward. Where you are right now is not good or bad... it just is! Accept and honor your past and allow yourself the gift of forgiveness if there is anything that you may not enjoy looking at. Write down 1 thing you would like to create tomorrow and intentionally put a time to have it accomplished by. IT MATTERS.

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