Saturday, September 24, 2011

MIRACLES.. in the works

The last couple of days I have spent hours on the phone interviewing people who have struggled with weight their entire life. Can I just say .. my heart breaks for them as well as I remember so clearly like it was yesterday how it felt to live a life in such bondage. I have to say, I am humbled greatly by the opportunity of being a support for this first initial group of NEXT SUCCESS stories. It's just amazing to me as I read more and more statistics of the millions of people suffering. I find myself often the last couple f days, having to take a deep breathe and realize that I am just ONE person and that in order for me to help I need stay very close to God because he is the ultimate miracle worker... I am just a mere instrument.

I tell people when I start working with them that this is their journey to take .. not mine, meaning I am not going to do the work for them but I will support them in anyway I can. Often times I think we want to take other's problems onto ourselves but what that ends up doing is then weighing us down and keeps us from truly taking care of ourselves.


The beautiful thing about Miracles is that they are all around us everyday if we choose to open our eyes to them. We tend to think that Miracles have to be huge. There are soo  many little tender mercies I experience all the time. As it pertains to weight loss, I tend to believe that any success is a miracle. I can't wait to start hearing the stories of the people as they begin to discover who they truly are and wake up to their absolute brilliance in them. It's like unwrapping a PRICELESS GIFT. When I speak to groups I tell them that I had no idea that this pretty girl was in me. It's true. All the weight was hiding who I truly was. I believe there is beauty in ALL people. I am excited to see the transformations and what a gift it is for me to be apart of that.

I also have to mention what I am learning as I begin this new journey. Just as I had to have the support around me to be successful at my weight loss, I am learning it's just as important for me to have the support around me to succeed in other areas of my life. I have found an AMAZING group of people who are helping me be the best I can be so that I can help more people. It's so important. I am so grateful for the man in my life who encourages me, who supports me and who helps me remember who I am when my doubts and fears come up. I can't stress enough what a gift it is to know that these angels in my life will hold me up as I reach down to help others up.

Friday, September 2, 2011


Ever thought about how fast food is contributing to so many issues in our society? I am NO expert at all the stats out there but as I sit here in a very well known fast food chain, I can't help but think about how much we rely on this over processed and under nourished food that we consume soo much of on a daily basis. I am sure you have seen from time to time someone on TV pile up the amount of unhealthy food we eat in a year in efforts to make a point to how much we really are consuming and how it affects us. I think back when I used to come to this particular fast food restaurant twice a day.. Lunch and Dinner and how I used to eat 2 full meals of at least 60 grams of fat each. When I used to go to 2 or 3 drive thrus in a 15 minute span to get my fill of fries. I was killing myself. I have eaten out in a restaurant only 3 times in 2 1/2 years. I am not saying that that is right for everyone but it works for me it's just not worth the money and it's hard to find places that are willing to give me the amount of vegetables I am looking for.

Sitting here and watching children who are overweight at such a young age, it just fuels my desire to make a difference in this world, even more. It's up to us individually to start taking responsibility for our health and if we are parents, for our kids. Yes, fast food restaurants can be really convenient but in the long run, visiting these type of places, sets us up for horrible habits that eventually lead to all kinds of diseases and ultimately death.

I have been meeting with people who see what I see and have a great desire to reach out and help others. We can't expect to hand off our personal well being off to anyone any longer. If we don't start taking our health seriously, we will continue to suffer from the 43,000 diseases out there that would otherwise be preventable. Yes. that's right.. most diseases that people are dying from these days are PREVENTABLE. Some of you reading this may say.. "Well, I have bad genes and I got cancer because my mother had cancer." Of course there are diseases that are passed down from generation to generation but let me tell you just from my own life story is all the health problems I went into the doctor for a couple of years ago are GONE now that I have gotten healthy. My hormones used to be all over the place, I was tired all the time, my back hurt, I had irritable bowel syndrome, Poly cystic ovarian syndrome, blood in my stool, skin irritations, Candida, stinky and sweaty feet and many other little things that were bothering me. I remember just 3 years ago going into the doctor and giving him a list of 8-10 items of things I wanted him to advise me on. Now, I don't even know what I would ask him about. It just goes to show that when I started taking an active role in my own personal health and wellness, how quickly the body repaired itself. Think about it 36 years of damaging it, not caring, throwing garbage down my throat and then within as little as a few months of healthy eating, I could totally shift that. It's a miracle. Our bodies are miracles. They know how to heal from extreme abuse. Sadly to say but that is what I have done to myself for so many years is abuse the hell out of this body which carries me through life.

So... choose your death... or choose your life. What you choose to put in your mouth on a daily basis and how you treat your body will determine which road you are headed down. For me once I started to make better choices and take care of myself is when I think I really understood what it meant to BE ALIVE. It's a beautiful thing.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

"ACT NOW.. and Follow Your Heart!"

Ever find yourself thinking too much when it comes to opportunities to only find out that you missed out on something that could have been huge for you in your life? Well, this is what I have been thinking a lot about lately. As many of you know, I meet and connect with sooo many people on a daily basis. So many, that people have a hard time keeping track. If you have met me in person, I tend to ask people to take a picture with them only because I have learned that if I don't, it's harder for me to remember them. The reason I bring this up is not because I expect that you take pictures with everyone you meet like me, but I want you to think how important it is to connect with others. 

Today as I was driving to my back to back appointments, I got thinking. I tend to be the type of person that when someone gives me a name of someone they think I need to connect with, I don't question it.. or take time to really think about it.. I ACT. Meaning, I get on the phone and call them right away. I can't say I am perfect at this all the time because life keeps me busy but most of the time I act pretty quickly on things. As I did that yesterday with a name, it took a couple of times of playing phone tag to finally get connected with this one man. We talked briefly and then quickly set up a time to meet first thing this morning to see if there is any chance of us working together on our different projects. As we met today, I couldn't help but tear up as we both felt there were no accidents. I explained to this man how I feel strongly about the fact that I literally work for God and as I start my day off by asking God where I need to be and who I am to be in contact with, I feel him direct me. I need to say here that I NEVER know what I am going to experience when I meet with certain people. I always just keep myself open to all possibilities and literally watch things unfold before my eyes. Today was one of those times, when I knew for sure that I was in the right place at the right time, talking to the right person. I felt as though he was an old friend whom I hadn't seen for awhile. What he has been working on is exactly what I have been working on. He had been praying for me and I had been praying for him.  When I left there, I thanked God for the connection.

The point of this experience I share with you is that you never never never know what God has in store for you. If you keep yourself so busy in life that you don't hear the direction from God, how is he able to direct you to certain people or experiences? So this got me thinking. Thinking back on the 2 most pivotal experiences I have had in the last 3 years. One was a time when a girlfriend of mine told me I needed to go to California and go through some training with her back in June of 2008. When I asked her what it was all about she just told me to trust her and go soo.. I did. I went and that started me down a road of waking up to some serious realities in my life. The second was when a friend of mine in February 2009 asked me to jump in her car and drive 6 hours to Vegas to go to a 12 Step recovery conference for Food Addiction. I didn't even know what 12 step was nor anything about food addiction. Again. .. I jumped in the car and just went.

Both of these experiences have had a HUGE impact on my life. If it were not for those 2 pivotal events, I don't think I would be where I am today.. even writing this blog. This gets me to my point of how important it is to follow our hearts. First we need to learn to trust our a life clear of the mental clutter enough to hear the still small voice of God so we can be directed and then be willing to take action. Today, I am so grateful for blessing of following my heart and for the soo many experiences I have had witnessing to me that I am truly being guided to meet the right people. Stay open, listen to your heart.. trust your heart and then ACT NOW!