Sunday, January 2, 2011

Decisions Determine our Destiny

I was at a dear friend of mine's funeral a couple of months ago when one of his siblings was reading from his planner.... "Our Decisions Determine our Destiny." It hit me so strongly that day how true that is. What I choose to do in this moment has an affect on the rest of my life. How I treat people, how I treat myself, how I love others, how do I spend my time? I am very intentional about what I do with my time everyday. I often ask myself the question..'is what I am doing in this moment moving me towards my goals or away from my goals?' I know also in my gut how it feels when I am on track and most definitely when I am not. Not to say there isn't time for down time because there is but how I choose to spend my time and with whom I spend time with matters. I think back to the life my dear friend lead. Interesting to me that he wrote that in his planner because he was the example of someone who never sat ideally in life. He had accomplished soo much in his short 46 years. He loved others so deeply. For me he stood as an example of someone who knew his purpose and his passions and went for it. He loved people in such a way it was contagious. He had this passion for life and I believe it's because he knew who he was and knew what he wanted.  He created his destiny by the everyday decisions he made.

How often in life do we think that we are just the products of whatever comes our way rather than taking an active role in creating the life that want? Most of us don't take the time to find out what we REALLY WANT. Most of us have no problem telling others what we DON'T WANT but as many in this world have figured out that just gives us more of what we don't want. Especially with it being the beginning of the year I have a challenge for you. This comes from a book called "How to think bigger than you have ever thought before" by Mark Victor Hansen.

Take a timer and set it to 20 minutes and then set the intention to make a list of 100 things you want in your life. Don't over analyze this or else you will run out of time. Think about what excites you and what is it that brings you lasting joy. Allow the ideas and thoughts to flow through you and onto the paper. Make sure to date it because you will come back to it at different times in life and it's important to see the progress you have made over the passing years.

I believe everything we choose to do determines where we are in life. If you want to be somewhere different than you are, then it's as simple as shifting the way you see things to create something different. "Change the way you look at things and the things that you look at CHANGE." It really does work.

Look at my life as an example. I went from 266 lbs and living with such emotional, spiritual and physical pain. I didn't lose 128 lbs overnight. It took small "ONE DAY AT A TIME" decisions I made to get the results I did. As I turned my life over to God, he helped me change the way I looked at myself and start seeing my own beauty and brilliance and hense I ended up with very different results. Now, I have a tremendous amount of peace and joy in my life. I thank my Higher Power which I call God that made this change of heart and soul happen.


  1. I love this outlook-- one day at a time. I'm giong to do that 100 things tonight. But first, I'm heading to the gym. I've lost 32 pounds so far and a few more to go. So I'm inspired by your story!

  2. Good for you Karen. It's all about taking care of yourself and than you for your example of that. Good luck on your 100 things. It was an awesome exercise for me to do.