Sunday, November 18, 2012

"Miracles.. EVERYWHERE if you look for them!"

It's been a long time since I have written here and I am sorry I haven't been better at doing so because this is where I share my most intimate feelings and experiences I have in my life. Lately I have been through my pretty difficult times to be honest with you and through it all I have learned a few things for sure.

One of which is God never seems to amaze me with MIRACLES through out every aspect of my life. I have gotten to the point that when life starts getting difficult, I hold tight to God and HIS guidance and sit back and watch the miracles unfold. Don't get me wrong, I have days when I doubt His ability and when I think I can do it on my own or when I get impatient that things are moving along quicker and then I remember it's in the Lord's time NOT mine He promises.

One of the things I used to be soo good at and need to get back in the habit of doing is every single night I wouldn't go to bed until I wrote out 5 miracles.. or "GOD THINGS" that happened that day. A couple of things I noticed with this exercise was that it seems like more and more miracles started to show up. Interesting... there is some kind of POWER in acknowledging God for the blessings he gives me on a daily basis. I guess that makes sense. Think about it, when you do something nice for someone and they acknowledge you for it.. maybe with a thank you or something along those lines, you naturally WANT to do more for them. I don't think God is any different!!

I am so grateful to see His hand in my life and even for those days I forget to thank Him or remember the source of my blessings, He never gives up on me. I am grateful that every single day I wake up, God gives me yet another opportunity to serve Him, to be better, to trust Him more and to rely on His strength. Somedays I am better than others but there is one thing I know about me.. I WILL NEVER GIVE UP TRYING.