Friday, January 21, 2011

"Who's got the Money Honey?'

I am still down here in Arizona at T. Harv Eckert's Millionaire Mind seminar learning about how I think about money. It's interesting to me the meaning we all put towards it. A large portion of us think that money defines us. It makes us more valuable or less valuable. Why do we allow a piece of paper to do that to us?

Another thing that hit me square between the eyes is how much my association of money has changed since I got in recovery for my food addiction. I used to be a carefree spender not thinking anything for tomorrow and just buying whatever it is that I wanted at the moment. I am an avoider now and have most things on automatic. I think it's also interesting that we end up manifesting EXACTLY what it is that we think about. Meaning, if we think money is hard to come by, sure enough it will be hard to come by. If we think that it takes hard work then sure enough, it will take hard work to acquire the money.

So what I learned tonight was that it's important to know in your relationships, who is the spender, saver or the avoider. Knowing this can solve a lot of marital problems. Talking openly about finances regardless of which category you are in is vital to the success of any marriage. It's all about communication.

"Whether you think something to be true or not.. you are right!"

Be careful what you think, because God only knows how to give you what you ask for. Your beliefs rule EVERYTHING. I am going to start looking at all my belief systems and flush out all my faulty core belief systems that I have taken on over the years. Some of them are really getting in my way and until I am able to acknowledge them and change them I will continue to get the same results as in the past.

It seems like there is a real shift in awareness in the world. More people are tapping into the power of creation as we learn to control or get conscious of our thoughts. Thoughts turn into Feelings.. that then turn into Action = Results.

ACT NOW: Look at your results and then work back so you can find your faulty core beliefs. There may be some results that are serving you really well and some that are not. This isn't a time to judge your results, they are what they are. For instance, if you are overweight, work back from that. What actions or habits do you have that contribute to the problem? What feelings do you have around your weight? What are all the thoughts you tell yourself about your weight? While you ask these questions of yourself you will find the faulty core belief system in there. Go deep in answering these questions. The deeper you go.. the better it is. When you get to the absolute core belief that is not serving you well, you need to let it go. Reframe it into the positive and say it out loud 3 times to yourself.

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