Thursday, January 6, 2011


I woke up at 5:20 am this morning and decided to take on the challenge that Bob Proctor talked about last night on a coaching call. I woke up did the 3 things which were...

1-1st thing out of bed - write 10 things you are grateful for
2-Sit in silence for 5 Minutes - Take Direction
3-Send good positive energy to people who bug you in your life. (I imagine that person being in front of me and as I look into their eyes, I imagine myself saying to them.. "I love you, I accept you for exactly who you are and thank you for being apart of my life.")

If you would like to listen to the call click here

I did that this morning and WOW .. what a difference it made in my day today. Talk about being manifesting. I was so connected to source or otherwise known as God. I feel the connections I made today were absolutely perfect. It's interesting the more clear I get with my vision and goals, the quicker things start manifesting. I know I have heard many people talk about this and at the same time only experience it here and there. I have to say the more I keep my self centered, clear and connected the quicker this process comes about.

So when it comes to these connections, it's only been about 5 months that I really have been actively working to get my message of hope out to the world. I believe it all began when I met a good friend of mine. It almost seems as though everything shifted for me then. He happens to have been a very public speaker for the past 7 years and has traveled all over the world. From that point, I started to meet all kinds of public speakers and it has just exploded.

Joining NSA (National Speakers Association) was one of the best decisions I have made for making connections and learning from the best. I guess I have had a desire to be a public speaker for awhile but had no idea how it was all going to come together. Now I am talking on a daily basis to people that are pros at what they do and love it. This world of speakers is VERY small. Within the last 5 months it's been interesting to see who I have been able to meet and connect with and learn from.

I tell you all this because for  me it all started with a DESIRE to be something.. a speaker. All tangible things start out as thoughts and then they move into the physical world as we start looking for evidences of them showing up. I can't tell you how many successful people have shared that in order to manifest or create a certain outcome it begins with having the desire.. the thought and then believing .. truly believing that it will come about. "What we focus on expands." This applies to our goals as well. When we get clear on what we want and the "Why" we want those things is big enough, people (connections) start flowing into your energy at a rate that you never thought was possible.

For instance, this applies also to weight loss. If your goal is to "release" weight, set the intention, know the why you want it and then get to work and be in action and God will direct you to a certain person or a program you need to accomplish your goal. If you are not willing to do what's necessary to get the results than from my experience it doesn't work.

I will be writing more about this another night but just a few thoughts I have had today on the subject. Picked up a bunch of his Books "Aspire" from Kevin Hall today. He is such a neat guy. I highly recommend getting his book. It will change your life. I know how much it affected me last week as I began studying it. For any of you that would like to listen into Kevin's weekly coaching calls (which are awesome by the way) I got permission from him to invite you to attend them by clicking "The Power of Words" website and sign up for his newsletter and they will email you the links so you can listen to them and download them if you would like.

It's been an awesome day and I am sending all my love and appreciation to all of you out there. I know life can be tough but I will end with this last thought.

As I was on one of my sponsee calls this morning I was reminded of a lesson my father taught me many years ago in life about .."Whether you think you CAN or whether you think you CAN'T... you're right!" I kept hearing my sponsee say to me, "I can't this.. and I can't that." I have to say back to her, "If you say so." It's true when we tell ourselves we can't do something sure enough we open the space to give us what we ask for. It's like the line from a movie .."As you Wish." Well, God works the same way. He only knows how to give you what you ask for.
So be more aware of those thoughts in your head and how you phrase things. It truly does matter. It's the energy you put around those thoughts that create your results. Just a thought. Til tomorrow.... Keep on Creating.

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