Friday, January 7, 2011

Meeting Sean Stevenson Sep 2009

I remember the day I met Sean Stevenson. He is an incredible individual. He is soo funny and inspiring all at the same time. I swear every time he posts on facebook, I feel like I am drinking from a fire hose of pure wisdom. The day I met him I had told him that I wanted to write a book and get speaking on the circuit and he gave me his personal number (He probably does that with any girl knowing him) and what that did for me was gave me a boost of confidence that I could do it. At the time I felt like I had a story to share but what I didn't realize at the time was my story was just beginning. A year in a half later, I am a totally different person. That day though, I felt his genuine concern and acceptance for me and his willingness to help in anyway he could. I keep finding more and more people like this. People who truly care to be in service to me. What I have noticed in myself is that it makes me want to serve others more. It's like my capacity to open myself up to serve more gets bigger and bigger. It's abundant no longer scarcity. It's funny how that works. On the drive to Arizona to meet Sean Stevenson at a conference, I listened to his book called Get off your "But." Awesome Read! Highly.. highly recommend it.

If you want to learn more about Sean go to his website at

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