Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"Thinking into Results" - Bob Proctor

So tonight I got on a coaching call with Kevin Hall -(Author of "Aspire") and Bob Proctor from "The Secret." It was awesome. Two amazing men. Kevin and I met a couple of months ago and he counseled me  on getting my story out. What an amazing man with such a huge heart. I loved listening to these two men tonight talk about what it means to live an abundant life.

It all starts with what you put out in the world. Do you create value? Do you look for opportunities to serve others? What thoughts are you entertaining everyday? You get back what you put out. It's true. This is what I have experienced. As I learn to give and serve more I am then open to receive. Energy likes to flow. If we give give give and then not allow ourselves to receive we have stopped the flow of energy. Likewise if we take take take.. and never give out we also stop the flow and often we feel a lot of frustration in our lives.

One thing that Kevin said tonight really resonated with me which was, "If I want to be free, I want to be me." You know, I am realizing how difficult it is for me to, first, find out who I am and then secondly to learn to stand in my own truth without wavering. This has taken time. Trial and error really. Sometimes I am strong and other times I find myself giving into certain things and losing my center. It's all just information and I take it as such.

Bob talked a lot about rejoicing in other's successes. I know for me sometimes I get limited with the idea that if someone else wins that I must lose or visa versa. If I win someone else must lose. I am intentionally working on shifting that mindset from scarcity to abundance. There is enough in this world to go around. Interesting to think though where did I adopt the idea that everything is a win lose situation. That's my black and white thinking that gets the best of me.

I am realizing that when I am in the flow, I serve others with all my heart. I care about what others care about and spend the time to validate them and make them feel heard. We all have this innate need to be heard and validated. I have seen some amazing shifts with people lately as I have been doing my best to just listen and try to hear what people are NOT saying. Not judge their words or their actions but serve them in anyway I can. It's actually quite fun to be honest with you. When I let go of my own agendas and put myself in a space of acceptance and service, my soul rejoices.

Towards the end of the call Bob talked specifically about something that came to him recently which I am going to start doing first thing tomorrow morning. He called it "Thinking into Results."

Step 1 .... First thing when you wake up write 10 things you are grateful for
Step 2 .... Be quiet for 5 minutes and ask for guidance
Step 3 .... Send love to those who bother you! -This is the clincher. I have a feeling that this is where most of the shifting is going to happen.

A few months ago I blogged about an experience I had while driving, when I was stopped at a light and my attention was turned to a man smoking on the corner. I thought to myself, 'doesn't this guy know that's not healthy for him?' I found my judgments coming to the service as that thought crossed my mind so right then in that moment I decided I wanted to send good energy his way so I said silently to myself ,'I love you... I accept you.. and thank you for being apart of my life.' I can't even begin to tell you what that has done for me. I began to realize when I get triggered by others it's really my own stuff that I get to look at. Smoking isn't healthy but it's not place to judge where that man is in his life. He chooses to smoke.. I chose to eat. We are the same. I learned that day to be in service to those who I judge or get triggered by. It's been a great practice for me.

I spend quite a bit of time nourishing my mind with these coaching calls or books I am reading or connecting with different people. It keeps my mind active and in the positive. While meditating last night I got some clarity when it comes to my platform and what I will be speaking on as I travel around the world telling my message of hope.

So I challenge you if it resonates with you to take on Bob's suggestions. I am going to start my day off in this 3 step process and see how it goes. Feel free to make a comment on how it worked for you.

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  1. Even though I do not believe I am in your "they bother me section," send me love!!! I love you!