Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Being in the Flow"

Today was a perfect example of what is meant by being in the flow. Well, not to mention that it is 1.11.11 which to me is very significant. There is a sense of energy in the air that is tangible and I am so excited to be apart of it.

There are some days that it's hard to feel that flow and then I realize partly it's me that stops that flow by standing in my own way .. and other times when I am able to create that space that allows that energy to flow through me. For example it started yesterday when I had a good conversation with a friend of mine that helped me see how I was standing in my own way in moving forward. Once I made that decision to move past the garbage that was holding me back it's like being apart of a rushing river that I sometimes feel is moving so fast I can't keep up.

From the minute I got up things have just been flowing. Yes it could be the date that created that who knows all I know is that when I get clear, things just fall into place. People come into my life and are attracted naturally to what I am doing and it's effortless. It's a beautiful feeling to experience.

How often do you find yourself stuck and unable to move forward. Have you taken the time to really look at what is keeping you stuck? Do you even want to know what's causing you to be stuck? Maybe you don't want to know "YET." That's ok. As a good friend of mine has told me over and over again .."Becky you will know what you need to know when you are ready to receive the answers." This has helped ground me many times when I have wanted the answers or to get in the flow yesterday. I tend to want to push myself and to make things happen rather than let them flow naturally and live in the present instead of trying to control the future. I keep getting reminded that that is now how nature works.

One tool that has helped me a lot is something called "the Og Mandino Assessment." This assessment is a 10 minute test that you take that will tell you what thought processes you have that are out of balance and are keeping you stuck. Now.. before I go any further, one thing I have realized in telling people about this assessment is that some people really don't want to know what it is that keeping them stuck. If you are one of these people, don't waste your time. If you really are ready to learn from the information it gives you, spend the 10 minutes and take the assessment. I know for me it has made all the difference in the world because it's given me an opportunity to shift in those areas. For me right now in my life I am shifting on a daily basis. I am learning and I am growing and I see this information that the assessment gives me as "JUST INFORMATION" and that is really all it is. It casts no judgements it just give you a point to start from. If you are interested in taking it.. go to www.LiveonPurposeTODAY.com. If you have any questions, I have a coach that can over all the results. This is all free to you.

I was telling a few people today that this has been one of the biggest tools I have used in order for me to manifest what I am manifesting into my life right now. I had to get my thought processes straight and clear. Once I did that, Oh. MY.. it's been like a flowing river. I believe this is how life should be.

One other really helpful thing for me these last few days has been to meditate over my career vision board. I turn on soft piano music and spend time letting all the things on my vision board sink deep into my soul as though I am IN the dream. It's working. It really is. I spend about a total of 5-10 minutes going over that. It matters for me that I put music to it. It adds a whole other dimension to my visualization. Try it.. it is a powerful tool.

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