Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gratitude Journal

For the past couple of months, I have been writing 5 Gratitudes down a night before I go to bed. This has been Awesome for me. It helps me think through my day and see where God's hand has been present and how he has guided me to certain people or experiences. I can't help but think that He wants recognition for the tender mercies he gives us too. Negative thinking has been a large problem for me for many years and what I have noticed is that as I have put this into practice each day, how my thoughts have turned to God's tender mercies rather than all the negative garbage I used to think about all the time. "What you focus on  expands." This goes for thinking positive thoughts too. The more I keep my eyes open for these miracles each day the more I see them.

Ever since that coaching call from Bob Proctor, I have woken up early before all my sponsee calls start and write 10 more gratitudes. I write those gratitudes in a different place than I write my nightly 5. The ones at night are mostly specific to that day meaning conversations or experiences I have had. The morning gratitudes are focused more on things, people, who I am, what I am creating... etc. It's been a beautiful habit to put into my life and it only takes a few minutes to do.

I was talking to a lady today about all these things we have in our lives that if we sat down and listed them all off, which I did the other day, it's pretty overwhelming. It's a good thing I only live just for today and not think too far into the future. For today only I put all these things into practice and I see the great blessing they are in my life.

Action Step: Get a journal or a notepad that you can put next to your bed and either in the morning or at night write a list of what you are grateful for. I would encourage you to share them daily with someone in your life. I have loved listening to what my sponsees tell me each day as they read them off to me. It encourages me to hear how God is blessing their lives as well.

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