Thursday, January 20, 2011

Anasazi Foundation - An Example of Giving Back

So.. I met the owners of the Anasazi Foundation here in Arizona tonight. What an amazing group of people. They are soo full of indian spirit it was like drinking from a spring of fresh water. I love meeting people who I know are living a life of service and passion. I seem to meet more and more of them everyday. We all have a purpose and certain gifts. The ideal world is when we all stand in our brilliance and do what we do best and concentrate on being in service to others and we would all live happier lives. Anasazi is dedicated to helping teens and families heal and find their true selves. I could feel it as Mrs. Sanchez talked to me tonight. I could feel the depth to her soul and her passion for the teens in this world and her own family. What a gift she is.

How often do we put ourselves in a place of giving rather than taking? Do we look at the world not enough to go around or that there is ample opportunity for all? It's a scarcity vs abundance thinking. I can tell you, I get that Mrs. Sanchez gets that message because she is living it.

ACT NOW...Make a list of things that you are passionate about. Look for opportunities in your life to share those things you are passionate by serving others. Share your passions verbally with those around you and get in action. We have all been given gifts and if we don't use them, they will be taken from us.

I thank the Sanchez's for their example and wish them all the success in the world in doing what they are doing.

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