Friday, January 14, 2011

"Who are the ANGELs in our lives?"

As I look back on my life I realize how many angels have been placed on my path to help carry me through the tough times. From teachers, to friends to friend's parents, to piers, and siblings. They come in all kinds of shapes and forms. As I ponder the last 3 years of my life, it's almost like God orchestrated it PERFECTLY to place the people into my life at the exact moment I needed them. One of the things I speak on is creating a support team of people who you feel safe with and that you trust. This is VITAL to your success.

For many years, I could not allow anyone to support me. I thought I had to do it all alone and never felt worthy of support so I pushed it away. Just 6 months ago I realized I had come a long way when it comes to allowing myself to receive in this regards.

I auditioned for Oprah's "OWN" Show and during the shooting of my audition tape, I had 3 women that came to support me. At first I felt bad for taking their time but then soon realized that they were more than happy to be there and to share this amazing moment of my life with me. One of my very special angels  grounds me when I need it. Before the shoot, she threw me in her car and played some music to help me get focused and out of my head. Even though it still took me 3 hours to shoot a total of a minute in a half of finished product, I know it helped me greatly to have that experience with her. She always seems to know EXACTLY what I need.

At one point during the filming of the audition, I was having a very difficult time and I looked over and my 3 girlfriends were kneeling in a circle on the grass praying for me. Wow.. I couldn't believe it. What an amazing blessing they were to me. None of them even said a word about this time being a waste. Before I would have made apologises for them having to be there but instead I was in a lot gratitude for their love and support they were showing.

God has brought some pretty amazing people in my life my groupie "Angels." Both male and female angels as they have taught me soo much about myself as they have given me feedback. I am a big believer that "Everything happens for a reason," and therefore each and every interaction I have with people is there to teach me.

So who are the angels in your life? Have you told them how much you appreciate them lately? If you never tell them, they will never know. I think many times we assume they know how much we appreciate them and sometimes things happen where you lose out on telling them. I make sure to show my appreciation to them and to God for the blessing they are to me.

I was talking to one of my angels today and told her if she didn't have the courage to ask me to get in the car  and go to the conference in Vegas back in Feb 2009, I may not have gotten into recovery and released the weight I have. My whole life would be different right now. I think to myself all the time.. "What if???"

I think of another angel of mine that without her I am not sure I would be here today. She was so instrumental to getting me out of denial and into the light where I could see clearly. She has literally carried me out of the darkness I was in. I tell her all the time what a blessing she is to me.

My challenge to you tonight is to make a list of the Angel's you have in your life and let them know how much you appreciate them. Write them a letter, take them to lunch or pick up the phone and tell them but do something so they know how much you appreciate the service they have rendered to you.

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  1. Mother's Day was only a month or so after my mother passed away suddenly. I knew it was going to be hard for me not be able to call and send her a card. So I did the next best thing. I sat down and wrote letters to the mothers of my dearest friends and let them know how grateful I am for the blessing that their angel daughters are in my life. It brought me so much comfort that the next year, I did the same thing for the mothers of my in-laws to thank them for raising their children to add so much to our family. Last year, I wrote to several sisters in my ward who have been angels to me since I moved here.

    Truly, there are angels among us, and I am grateful know so many.