Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Typical Day in the life of Becky Sampson

Someone asked me to blog on a typical day of mine so here goes. I work for myself these days developing  things like my book, my speaking career, my workshops and retreats and my personal coaching. Some days when I am really working intentionally on creating my content, I spend quite a bit of time meditating to music.. with my vision board and sometimes just pure silence. All of which get me connected to my source which is God to get direction as to the next right step for me.

A typical day of mine begins at 5:30 am when I start getting sponsee calls from people in my 12 step program. I allow 15 minutes for each sponsee and during this time they commit their food to me and then read me their writings and then if we have any time left over, we talk about things that they may be struggling with or set daily goals. The calls are fairly structured. I find that that helps both of us stay focused and on track. I like to ask if they have one thing they would like to get done that day or something they want to work on. It helps start the day off with intention. I take calls from sponsees til 7:30 when at which time, I call my own sponsor and commit all my food to her and read my daily writing to. Then once I get off the phone with her, I eat breakfast.

Breakfast typically consists of a protein (2 eggs.. or 1 egg 1 oz cheese or I will make a smoothie with 4 oz milk, 4 oz of yogurt and 1 cup frozen fruit) I then have 1/4 cup of raw oat bran with 1/2 cup of water and then add 1 tsp of butter. Yum... can I just say... "I love my breakfast!!"

Lunch I have another full protein, a fruit and I weigh out 16 oz of veggies. A lot of the time for lunch if I am patient that day, I make my favorite butternut squash fries. OH. my .. they are my favorite.

Before and after  - BUTTERNUT FRIES
Spray the pan with olive oil spray and then also on top and then salt them with Sea Salt. I put them on the top oven rack and then cook them for about 45 minutes in a 500 degree oven. You will want to watch them carefully to make sure they don't burn to badly. They are by far one of my favorite things to eat. Gotta be patient.. but they are definitely worth it!

Dinner I have another full protein which consists of 4 oz of chicken, 16 oz veggies, a grain and 2 TLBS of ranch dressing.

Over the last couple of years I have come up with some really awesome recipes and have made them for many of my friends. Even my cute little neighbor kids LOVE to eat what I make them. I don't eat any sugar and flour. If I have either one of those things, it causes me to want more.. so I stay away from all of it.

I will be working on putting together a series of little cooking shows on how to make the meals I do. I have to say I eat a lot of food. A friend of mine who is over 200 lbs was eating a meal I made him one night and turned to me part way through the meal and told me he couldn't finish it because he was stuffed. With me being the size I am now, he was surprised, as most people are, that I could finish it and without feeling stuffed. I guess I am just used to the larger amounts of food I eat. The belief that you have to starve yourself in order to loose weight is such a lie. There have been many times I have been in a meeting where someone in our group has mentioned how grateful they are for the amount of food they get to eat on this program and how they no longer have these crazy cravings for food. It's a great blessing of the program. If you want more information on the specific program I am working, please email me. I can't give that information out publically because of the anonymity of the 12 step but if you email me I would love to share with you the FREE program I am working. Email me at becky@beckysampson.com.

I think the key for me is that I commit the exact amount of food I am going to eat to my sponsor in the morning and just eat what I say I am going to eat and get on with my life. I didn't realize before I got into recovery, how much I thought about food. Food consumed me and took up most of my thoughts during the day. It's amazing now to not feel hungry and to not have cravings. I was so used to always craving things that I couldn't stop myself from eating and I am grateful that that compulsion has been lifted from me. Never thought it was possible until now. I feel .. so called "Normal." I just have to remember that I am one bite away from being back in the food so I work my program one day at a time.

For me having a plan and being willing to stick to the plan has brought me so much peace. For me I FINALLY found answers to what was going on with me that caused me to go up and down for years with my weight and my many attempts at different diets trying to find what was going to work. This 12 step program that I have been with for almost 2 years now has TOTALLY changed my life. It is very little about the weight and very much about spiritually healing from what caused me to compulsively overeat to begin with. I thank God everyday that I am not in the food and that food no longer rules me.

I have been at my goal weight since June 2010 and now am maintaining a weight of 138 lbs. It's a MIRACLE to me that I along with God I have been able to do this. I take this one day at a time and with that kind of mindset my one day has turned into two and then three and now almost 2 years. You know I would venture to say that most of us have lost a lot of weight over the years, if we were to add it all up. For me I know that's true. The tricky part of it all is the maintaining the weight loss. Because I have now dealt with the root cause of my compulsive eating and have a sure plan, I have set myself up for success. I will be posting soon my "7 Steps to FREEDOM from what's WEIGHing you down," which will give the 7 steps I took to gain the success I did.

Other things I do I on a daily basis is do a lot of writing, whether that is on my blog or recovery writing. I commit each day to do reading in my recovery literature and to answer questions. This helps me stay focused on my program and out of the food. I also pray, connect with other people working the same 12 step program I am working and sponsor. I also, while listening to piano music, go over my vision board. This helps me stay aligned with my goals and my dreams. All of these things keep me engaged and connected rather than isolating me which is what I used to do when I was into the food. I can't say I am perfect everyday but I do my best. My program is VERY important to me and the it brings me great peace as I work it to the best of my ability.

I end my day with prayer and meditation. Lately I have been doing a hypnosis series with affirmations. I love how it centers me and prepares my mind for a good night's rest. I sometimes fall asleep during the meditation but I don't worry too much about it since my subconscious is still listening. I always remember to thank God for the many blessings He gives me. The more I acknowledge him for everything I have, the more I see His hand in everything I do.

Then I get up the next morning and do it all over again. It amazes me though how each day is different in its own special way. I can't believe how quickly I am moving through this path that I am on. I am constantly shifting and I believe it's because I am open to being taught. I am open to allowing myself to receive and God is pouring down His blessings and direction. My job is to just stay open to receiving and then be willing to act on the promptings and that is what I am doing and dang it .... I am having a blast.


  1. I'm very excited for this cooking show. Let me know if I can help. I produce a lot of my own videos. Here is my most recent "Cooking for One with Katy" episode: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dej4MqwyDvs

    Thanks for this post. I really appreciate it. Today is day 25!

  2. Awesome, I'm going to have to try out the butternut fry recipe. ;)