Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Accountability Partners... Why have them?"

As I look back on the last 6 months of my life, it's been really evident to me  how important accountability partners have been. What do I mean by this? Well, what I have discovered it doesn't really matter who the  accountability partner is but rather that I have put them in place as I have wanted to get certain things accomplished. If I was left to doing it on my own in isolation, I can guarantee I most likely wouldn't do it. I am just like most of you out there. Yes.. it's important that you are motivated from inside to do things AND it's vitally important to be accountable to someone and learn to keep your word.

For instance, back when I ran my first marathon I actually... went about telling people I was going to do it before I even believed it myself. It was what got me going. I love what many people say in the world of motivation is.. "ACT AS IF.." Well, that is what I did. I still do that today. In order to be a thin person, you need to act like a thin person. In order to be wealthy.. you gotta hang with the wealthy.. in order to be successful you gotta seek out successful people and do what they do.

People come to me because they want what I have and what I always tell them is.. "You want what I have you gotta do what I do." I love what I heard from an audio cd today.. he explained that you don't wait to lose 15 lbs to start doing what healthy people do.. ... it's just the opposite. You need to start doing what healthy people do and then your results will show it. It's the same with anything.

As I train for this upcoming marathon, there are days that I don't want to go out and run. I put it out there on Facebook and therefore on those tough days, I know I am now accountable to run it and that when I see people now they ask me how the training is going. I can't give up. I won't give up even on the days that I just don't want to do it. Today was a bit scary for me because I ran 8 miles. I haven't done that in 10 years. Although this time my body is completely different, I am noticing my mind tends to like to play tricks on me and make me think I can't do it. My experience in training for a marathon is it's 10% challenging on the body.. and 90% challenging of the mind. I guess that is why I want to do it. It's mental toughness.

I have gone through some pretty tough things the last 10 years AND I have grown a ton from it all. I want to be as strong as I can mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. If this is one vehicle to getting that .. then so be it I run. As I approached my last mile today, a friend of mine texted me. We had made a previous arrangement with each other that we would text each other when we were done with our workouts. She finished, I got the text then told her I had just a mile left and she texted me. "You got this one Girl!" That gave me the strength to not give up and keep going. I soon found myself repeating those exact words outloud so that I REALLY GOT IT. I was so grateful for my cute accountability partner because she kept me going and gave me a reason to not give up.

ACT NOW: What is ONE thing in your life that you want to accomplish that you haven't yet? By when do you want to have that done? Who in your life can you have as your accountability partner? For me texting when I am done with something works really well. I committed 3 people this week to texting me when they accomplished their goal. There is AWESOME power in doing this. JUST DO IT! If you would like me to be your accountability partner, email me at I would love to apart of your support group. Email me your goal and a BY WHEN and I will put it on my calender.

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