Friday, February 4, 2011

"That was EASY"

As I took my sponsee calls this morning it was evident to me how important it is to get to the very root of our beliefs. So for instance if so if you say to yourself, 'it's "HARD" for me to take care of myself,' than God says back ... 'As you wish!' Another one.. if you say .. "I HATE to exercise ," than... God Says .. "As you wish.' It's vital that you take a look at those messages that you have in your mind because....

Thoughts---> Feelings ----> Actions = RESULTS

What you store in your thoughts will always turn into your results. So if you want to make a change in your life.. check your results and work your way back and find the core thoughts or believes that are driving the negative results. So here is another way of taking that first example and turning it to working to your benefit.

It's "EASY" to take care of myself and hold healthy boundaries with others.
It's "EASY" for me to take care of my body by exercising.
It's "EASY" to attract and maintain healthy relationships into my life.

And if you are really having a difficult time with something add REALLY in front of the "EASY."  Trust me.. it works.

So.. take for instance what most people say about losing weight. I am sure you have heard people say ... "it's hard to lose weight." Well.. if you say so. Does losing weight take effort? Yes.. but think of the amount of effort you put into maintaining the unhealthy lifestyle. I used to spend thousand and thousands of dollars on fast food, on higher insurance premiums, junk food and not to mention the amount of energy I put towards thinking about what I was going to eat next. I used to think.. 'Why is it that I have no problem eating the same junk food over and over and over again when I could put that same energy into healthy food over and over and over again.' I couldn't figure it out. Both lives take effort. Being healthy takes being aware and a place of acting where as being unhealthy usually means that you are being reactive. I am serious when I say that losing weight is not as difficult as you may think it is. All the drug companies and diet plans out there want you to think it's HARD and that you have to rely on them or their diet plan to do it but let me tell you, I am connecting with people from all over the country right now that have lost over 100 lbs that haven't used any form of diet pills or surgery to do it. I am living testimony of this. It MATTERS how we think of things. I feel like a broken record when I keep quoting....  "Change the way you look at things and the things that you look at change."

Whatever it is that you find yourself saying is difficult in your life.. turn it around and first change the energy you put around it and see if you don't feel a difference. I know for me it has been a great blessing for me to use this tool. I have my EASY button right here next to me in my office among a lot of other tools that I will be writing about in my book.

For me the tools I use to work my "7 steps to FREEDOM from what's WEIGHing you Down," have been essential to my success. I will share them with you and again take what works for you and leave the rest. Some of the tools I have in my tool box of life I use more than others just because they mean more to me. This concept of a toolbox came into my life when I hired a now very good friend of mine. We only worked together for a few months but within that time, she taught me so many foundational lessons for my life.

I came into work one day to find a few monkeys hanging around my office and a bunch of transformers. I asked her what it all meant. She proceeded to tell me how the monkey's were all about hangin in there and the transformers were to represent the fact that I was going through a lot of transformation in my life. I still have those monkeys that I have hung up in my place. When I see them, they remind me of what I have been through to hang in there one day at a time.

ACT NOW: Get a piece of paper and write down a few things that you are having a hard time getting done. This could be exercising, a certain project, a relationship that you are avoiding, or simply taking care of yourself. Write down the message that you are telling yourself about that then turn it around. Start the sentence off with .. It's "EASY" for me to... and then finish the sentence in a positive way. Repeat it a couple of times til it really sinks in. Some people think this kind of stuff doesn't work and I say.. "As you wish." Try it and let me know how it goes.

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