Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Comparing Yourself to others is Deadly"

Talking to a new friend of mine today about this very topic. Comparing ourselves to others is by far one of the worst things you can do in damaging your spirit. For me, I have struggled my whole life doing that. I am sure it started when I was very very young. I was always comparing myself to others in ways like, if they were thinner, prettier, smarter, more popular, more acceptable and of course more worthy of everything in life. Because I didn't value myself I never thought I was ever going to be good enough. I watch people compare themselves to me as well. My success is what it is and it doesn't make a bit of difference to what someone else's experience is. It all comes down to accepting ourselves and our lives EXACTLY where we are. That's true gratitude. I am learning for myself we are equal and absolutely unique. It's embracing the uniqueness in ourselves and then sharing those gifts with the world.

A quote that has come to me the last couple of days is "Do your very best and let God do the rest!" This reminds me that I am not expected to be perfect. Even in my desires to want to compare myself to others. I am never going to be perfect at looking to others but boy have I come a long way. First off, we NEVER know what that other person is going through at any given time and we only end up hurting ourselves thinking they have it all together and somehow they are blessed and we have been punished. God knows each and every single one of our hearts and loves us all the same.

I am saddened to share that one of my sponsee's lost her brother to obesity last week. I called her today knowing she had attended the funeral and was wondering how she was doing. She expressed to me the great amount of guilt she felt for not sharing more of her recovery with him as she has lost a total of 70 lbs. I suggested to her that his choices were not her burden to carry. It's hard to watch our loved one's die from anything let alone obesity. I decided as I was out running yesterday, that I will be running this marathon for the fight against obesity. Even as I write that it's hard for me to admit that I was obese but the facts don't lie. I wrote a few emails to Michele Obama a couple of days ago. Not sure they will get to her but someone shared with me the other day her passion for doing something about obesity. I told her I wanted to connect with her and see what we could do. It's no laughing matter. We are literally, as a country, eating ourselves to death. This is preventable. My mission and vision in life is to spread the word that it is possible as we all come together and unite our efforts.

Another saying that came to me tonight was "Get out of your FAT brain and into your BIG Heart." I know I have mentioned this before but it takes time to clean out the FAT brain I have lived with so long. Talked to a lady today that lost 70 lbs and she told me that it took her 10 years to get rid of all the garbage she had going on in there. That made me feel like giving myself a bit of break. There really is FAT BRAIN thinking. I hear it when I talk to people and others help me recognize it in myself as well. The other night while I was dancing a guy shorter than me told me to jump so he could lift me above his head.. I  just about fell over thinking 'who does he think he is?' Yeah... well to him it was nothing.. to me it was everything. I had to jump and trust. See, my Fat brain was taking over thinking I was going to flattening him to the ground. I have to laugh at myself sometimes. I feel like a little kid discovering a whole new me.

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