Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Gift of being PRESENT"

What does it really mean to be present? Being present means you are not living in the past nor are you dreaming in the future. Well, all we have is the present. We NEVER get to have this moment in time back again. We get in trouble when you go back to what has happened in the past or try and control the future. That is living in fear. I used to live a lot of my life in that place. If anything went wrong in anyway, I would think my whole life was over. Now it's so beautiful to surrender to what is in life. If there is someone I want to connect with and it just doesn't happen, it's ok. It wasn't meant to be. I can't even describe how much peace that brings to me now. I used to want things to be different in my life. I didn't think in a million years I would be where I am today but surprisingly, it's the best place for me and my journey. You know I think a lot about "Finding Joy in the Journey." It is this concept of accepting things as they are and not trying to change them. I won't be the one to tell you just give into what life gives you because I don't think that way. There is a difference in surrendering to what life gives you and still staying focused in creating whatever it is that you want. I knew someday that I would figure out this weight problem of mine.. I just had no idea the "HOW" of it. Once I gave up the "How" and kept focused on the goal of looking for the answers, the answer did come for me.

Staying in the present for me means to find the gifts, the teachers and the precious moments. For instance, I am sitting here in my office listening to a beautiful song wrapping up my Sunday and heading to bed in must a minute. I am soo grateful for the peace I have in my life in this very moment, my friends who keep me grounded, for music that sings to my soul, for my warm home where I rest my head and for food in the fridge that gives me nutrients. As I work in staying present in every moment of life, I find it easier to stay out of fear and for what may or may not happen in the future or what has happened in the past.

ACT NOW: Get your journal out and make a list of the things in this present moment that you are grateful for. What are somethings that you can do to help you be present? For me, when I catch myself going into fear in anyway.... I say to myself .."For today..."  and then I start listing all the blessings I have. This takes a huge weight off and helps me show my gratitude for what I have been given. This grounds me and helps me realize I have no control over anything else but this present moment in time.

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  1. Since I have been in recovery, I love the present! When I was in my addictions I couldn't live in the present, probably because of the lies I told myself. Right Now is so awesome! Anytime feelings or behaviors of the past sneak in and make their presence there is such a drastic difference between then and now, I scramble to make it back to the present where safety is real, not imagined!

    Thanks Becky, for your words of insight, they really assist me in bringing clarity into my life. I love you for that.