Monday, April 25, 2011

"Create a Safe Space for Others to Be Who They Are!"

So.. had many conversations with different people lately where they have given me the feedback that I create a very safe space for them to say what is on their mind without any feeling of judgment from me. This obviously makes me feel good about where I am in life knowing that I can accept people for who they are and at whatever stage in life they may be at. This has taken time to get here believe it or not.

It all started with me accepting myself for me.. getting to know who I am and then having the courage to speak out and be me. So are there times or experiences that we have in life that make us a bit more guarded towards certain people? Haven't we all experienced being hurt and then telling ourselves..."I'm never going to do that again?" Who allows us to be hurt? What kinds of things do we allow to hurt us? So we could literally spend our entire life closed off to others because we are soo afraid to get hurt. What good does that do and who really holds the magic wand out there to protect us from feeling pain anyway? Well, I would venture to say we allow ourselves to be hurt. Many people are afraid to be vulnerable.. including me at times... and at the same time, being vulnerable with others is what bonds us as fellow beings.

So instead of closing your heart off to the world for fear of being hurt, open your heart and as you choose to do so you will find others will open their heart to you. Everything starts with you. It's no one elses responsibility to create that open space but yours. When you open it for others.. it's beautiful to watch this process of authentic communication happen.

I just got an email from a friend of mine where he expressed his appreciation to me for the fact he felt comfortable in sharing who he was. Isn't that what we all want but instead we fall back into our shells.... especially with those closest to us because of past experiences. WHAT IF... we took steps to healing those parts of us that have been .. so called "wounded" and start to reach out to others knowing they want that same connection that we crave. CREATE IT.. allow it.. and know that it is possible to be that open and honest with each other that there are NO barriers to your relationship. What a beautiful place to be. Try it... I promise.. miracles are right on the other side of those walls you have built up around your heart.

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