Tuesday, April 19, 2011

So.. Here's the Deal... I'm Taking on Personal One on One Clients....

Ok.. so many of you know that I have been sponsoring people in my 12 step program for a year in half now and have worked with many people who are working on releasing weight as well as are getting clear in their lives. It's now time that I take this professionally and open myself up to coaching. I definitely am all about RESULTS. To build my clientele I only have (1) more spot available to lock you in at the lower investment price of $250/month. My fees will go up once I fill that last spot.

My ideal client is as follows:

Someone who is finally really ready to make some major changes and shifts in life around their eating habits.

Someone who is willing and able to put the time in to take care of themselves.

Someone who is looking for clarity on other areas in their life like work, relationships, self esteem, business.

Someone who is willing to be honest and real about where they are and where they want to be.

Someone who has a vision of where they want to be but needs help in creating a plan on how to get there.

Someone who is open to being coached.

Someone who is tired of being sick and tired.

For me I didn't force any of my food plan on myself.. I didn't work out like crazy... to be honest with you for the first time in my life.. I learned to accept myself for exactly where I was. This isn't about force.. I help you get your mindset in place and then the weight takes care of itself. It's easier than you think. I love people through this process which is a different way for many people. I believe we have beat ourselves up our whole lives, I won't be contributing anymore energy to that.. in fact, I teach you just the opposite.

You want to release the weight and feel peace around food, I can help. You want to feel better in your own skin, I can help you with that. You want to not have to turn to food in order to deal with your emotions, I can help teach you tools in dealing with that. You want to have more energy and clarity in your life, I can help you do that. Know what your ideal life is but it just seems to be too far out of reach, I can help you in creating a plan to get there and start living that ideal life. I have done all of these things. I have experienced finally living the life I had always dreamt of but never thought was possible. Let me help you also get there. People choose to work with me because they want what I have. I show you how to get it.

So don't wait!  Click Here to email me (Put in the subject line *COACHING*) to set up a FREE  Phone Consultation to see if we would be the right fit for each other. I don't just work with anyone. It's important when you are choosing a coach or a mentor that it be the right fit. I always tell people that after the consultation, you will know if it's right to work with me or not. I look forward to hearing from you and possibly working with you.

Click Here to be directed to the page where the details of the One on One Coaching Program is listed.

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