Sunday, May 1, 2011

What a weekend!!

Sorry for not writing or the last 4 days. I have been away up in the mountain without cell phones and internet to blog. It was good for me to totally unplug and take care of me. It was a nice way for me to take time grounding me in life. Isn't that what we need every once in awhile. I know it was a perfect weekend. I decided to go last minute to a women's retreat called It wall all about connecting with God and seeking for God to teach you what our value is. We often times look to others to validate us or to get our approval an this weekend if there was any ONE huge take away was that I am doing just fine and that God has my back and that I need to trust him more.

I am working on uploading some video blogs but I will do that tomorrow. As always, don't forget who you are and how important you are to this world. Take the time to do your own investigation into what makes your heart sing. This weekend I got very very clear that being in nature breathes life into my soul and that I need to take more time to do that. I will write more about what I learned tomorrow so stay tuned.

Also tomorrow is a BIG DAY! It's the start of a 2 hour radio show each day called. where Christian Jensen and I will be co-hosting talking about the importance of connecting with people through social media. We will be talking to some very high  profile people about what they do as well as giving them practical advice as to what they can do to improve how they interact with others through it. Get dialed in and ready to see some pretty big names come through our airwaves. Our show is creating a MASSIVE amount of value and you won't want to miss it. Tune in tomorrow night 7 pm MST and for 2 hours while we interview JohnnyK, who is a singer/songwriter.

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