Monday, April 18, 2011

"Day of Healing"

Wow.. what a day. I can't express enough about how grateful I am to my 2 friends Peggy Matheson and Angel Shannon. I did some really good work with Peggy first thing in the morning. She took me on a journey in imagery and I released some pretty big stuff. I cried a lot and to me crying is a good thing because it tells me that I am getting through some tough things and then able to move on. At one point during the sessions, I felt a HUGE boulder holding me down and the heaviness of it just about took me out. Once I was able to give that over to Christ, I could immediately feel that heaviness leave me. It was so tangible. It always surprises me how powerful our minds are. So, here's the deal, I believe people are given certain gifts and for me Peggy's gift is the gift of healing. She helped guide me through a process where I got to tap into what my body and soul were saying so that I could at the end of the process be free from those things that have been holding me back. I worked through accepting my beauty, releasing my resentments and sadness as well as fear around future relationships. It's not about me judging what is there for me to work on but rather to just releasing it as it I recognize that it has literally been holding me back from being able to get what I want out of life.

As for Angel Shannon.. I spent 6-7 hours with her in her beautiful space she has in her home where she also does healing work. We cried and laughed together as well as did meditation. It was a beautiful process. Now, normally people don't get that much time with her since her time is very valuable but today I was the lucky one to have been blessed with the time I did with her. She is truly an Angel in my life as she taught me about crystals and she gave so freely of her knowledge. She is currently a facilitator as well as works with people one on one.

Either one of these women create massive amounts of value for people who are wanting help. Peggy is about emotionally healing those blocks we have.. those agreements that we make that ultimately hurt us through life. Angel is about finding ways in dealing with our everyday stresses. Check them both out on Facebook and if you get a chance to work with them I highly recommend both of them to you.

I just need to end this day with gratitude for the blessings I have in my life right now. I can't say all my days are this amazing but for today I stand in a place of gratitude.

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