Friday, April 15, 2011

"Who's Job is it anyway to heal us from our past??"

Many would say the right answer which would be ours.. but how many of us really do that? I often see people clamoring to find others to help them get validation and to fix their problems. What is it about us that we don't trust who we are and to allow ourselves the time to heal? I know for me I have much of my life looked to others to find the needed validation or relief from my own holes in my soul as I call them. I see people rushing into relationships hoping that that person will then take care of them or will fill those needs that they have. Well, it's not really for me to say what is right or wrong for them just that in my own experience I have realized how important it is for me to work through those parts of me that need to be healed with God. I only suggest to stop making your problems, other people's problems. This is your life.. now take the bull by its horns and take responsibility.

As I find myself single now and not totally open to one on one dating yet, I am intentional about this healing process I am doing all I can to be the healthiest I can in order to attract my very best friend. It is soo important to me to be happy at any stage of my life regardless of whether I am single or not. To be honest with you, I know this particular time won't last forever AND at the same time I am grateful for all the many experiences I am having right now. As I work on me, my connection with God, my healing, finding my passions, discovering my true purpose.. all of it is serving a purpose in the whole bigger plan for me.

I love what someone said last Sunday.. "God already has your life planned out for you, you just need to check in with him." That really sang true to me on a lot of different levels. I guess the only job I have in life is to stay close to Him and to keep doing those things I feel I am directed to do.

As I spoke in Farmington yesterday, it was evident to me again how passionate I am in sharing my message. I love that I don't really prepare much for when I speak. I allow myself to talk about what it is that comes to my mind at that time. I feel the energy and talk to people before the meeting to get an idea of where they are at so I can speak directly to their needs but other than that, I just say what comes to me. It was a great opportunity to share with others what has made all the difference in my life. "We transform our lives and our businesses when we transform who it is that we are." Also a big ah ha for me while I was speaking was "If we don't honor our past we end up carrying it." I have had such high regard for my past because it holds all of the beautiful lessons I have learned from and made me who I am today.

Now.. I believe. If we don't heal from it.. we will attract it. You wonder why sometimes people keep going through the same thing over and over and over again. I believe if we don't truly heal from things or aspects of relationships within us we will attract that back into our lives and keep reliving it until we heal ... or NOT. It's up to us.

ACT NOW: Where are there areas in your life you feel you keep having to address? It could be certain relationships, could be feelings of resentments you have towards a certain person or your thought processes that keep trying to convince you that you can't change. Really look at those areas. What needs to happen or what do you need to do to heal from what's holding you back in letting it go. Sometimes I don't know when I will heal from it but rather that I know I need to be open to that healing and when it comes, I know it will be painful but will it shall pass. We all have things in our lives we need to heal from. It's ok.. you are ok!! Make a choice to get conscious of those areas and then do what you can to move through that process of healing and there are amazing gifts on the other end.

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