Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"From Vision to Reality"

Lately I have asked people the question .."If money was no object, what would you do?" Usually this question and then a few follow up questions helps get to what it is that they are passionate about. It is the coolest thing to watch someone share with me what it is that has been calling to them and then walk them through a process of setting those passions into motion so that they can then become reality. The best part of it is that it's not mine to decide what their passions are, I just support them in accomplishing them. I love to see the energy around them when they can picture the end result actually happening because we have set things in motion to get there.

I would say the same thing is true with weight loss. I know how many times I had cut out my head and put it on some swim suit model's body hoping that something would sink deep into my mind that it was possible for me to be that size or chart out a weight loss program figuring down the exact month that I would hit my goal weight or pulling out old pictures of me when I had briefly achieved what I thought was success when it came to my ideal body. All of these things to help motivate me to get healthy or to imagine this life I had always wanted but felt like it was soo out of reach. Well.. for me I would try to surround myself with motivating things hoping that someday it would sink in enough for me to take action. While those things did help for a brief time, it wasn't until I could clearly see who I was, what was possible and then took ONE STEP AT A TIME to get there that real results started to show up.

It's still hard for me to do that for myself but that is why I hire coaches to do for me what I do for others which is to help me see my potential .. help me get it clear in my mind and then help me create a path to making it a reality. My coach just yesterday was telling me ...."Keep it simple." I tend to want to do everything all at once rather than taking my own advice which is one thing at a time. I didn't lose 130 lbs.. overnight. It took dedication on a daily basis.. one pound at a time... it's the same with other aspects of life.

So.. as of right now I am offering the next 2 people who sign up to work with me at a low investment of $250/month for personal one on one coaching. This includes:

3 (1) hour sessions within a month
Daily accountability forms where you will track your progress and dailies that we will set up together
Setting of 3 goals including .. health, fitness and personal
Unlimited email and texting access to me with questions and needed support.

All sessions will be done over the phone

I am offering it at such a low investment in order to start building my clientele as well as get killer testimonials with tons of good results. I am a very results driven person so if you are ready and would like to make some major shifts in your life working together, contact me via email at becky@beckysampson.com or by calling me directly at 801-427-0490. I am only taking 2 people at that price point.


"I am an image consultant, it is so valuable to have people that also believe in the innate value of each person. I am protective of whom I will refer my clients to and I highly recommend Becky. As many are just trying to "sell" Becky is the real thing, she is what she teaches. She can not only motivate and inspire but show the steps to take for not only weight loss success but personal success. I highly, absolutely recommend Becky as a personal coach, speaker-- really anyway that you are fortunate enough to book her time."

Leta Greene
Glamour Connection

"Becky Sampson has continued to be an inspiration to me from the moment I met her. Her personal life story, what she has overcome and all that she is today is a testimony of the remarkable power of transforming oneself and fulfilling a personal dream. She is a constant reminder to me that we are creators of our life and our situations and that we are more powerful in this than we realize. There's no doubt that her message will go to all the world, for it needs to be heard."
Benjamin King,
EnspireLife, Owner

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