Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Love" - It's as simple as that

All of us have times in life where we are challenged with showing love towards others or even loving ourselves. I have mentioned before that I write the word LOVE on my wrist everyday to remind me how important it is for me to love and accept all people.

So I start my day off with asking the question in my morning meditation and prayer.. "Who can I serve today?" This helps me set the stage and my focus for the day in looking for opportunities to serve others. It all comes from a space of Love and when those opportunities present themselves, I am grateful for them. As I take on more clients, I feel soo blessed to be in a place where I can help guide people through this process of healing from old wounds and giving them the tools necessary so that they learn to feel freedom from what's been holding them back.

I was reading in the scriptures the other day about the joy that people felt as they were in service to others. That's truly how I feel. To watch people build a greater understanding and love for themselves and others is just dang rewarding. My heart almost leaps out of my chest in excitement that they are starting to get it.

For me, opening my heart up in love is one of the greatest gifts I have received in the last couple of years. I almost can't imagine it getting any better but I know it will.

By the way... we talked a lot about this on our radio show today. You can go and listen to it by going to SHOW WITH TY BENNETT.

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