Friday, May 6, 2011

"Self Care and why it's VITAL to Your Success!"

Think about it. What good are we really to others when we are soo drained of all our energy? We believe that by throwing ourselves under the bus or putting our lives on hold for the sake of taking care of everyone else that somehow that makes us a hero or someone of value. What if you were valuable regardless of what you do for others. It just keeps coming up during conversations I am having lately. It's this DOING.. vs. BEING thing. When I think of people who I want to be like, I think of those people that have found a lot of peace and balance in their life. They take time for themselves not in a selfish way but more in a way of respect for who they are. I LOVE THAT. I always have loved that if I really think about it. I have admired people who run regularly or do meditation or read good books. All of which takes making the effort to take care of themselves.

So what does that have to do with Success? Well I think it has a lot to do with it. It seems to me those really successful people have time to vacation, have time to play, to read, to create and to do what's important to them. That to me is what I deem successful which is being at peace with life. I truly do seek daily for peace. If I find it, I am successful that day. I guess it comes from living in so much darkness and loneliness for so many years that has helped me appreciate that peaceful feeling but regardless I know if I do not take care of me, my life starts to spin out of control and I feel a lot of anxiety. I have to be honest in saying this if the first time in my life that I have taken the time for me and not felt like I was being selfish. I am important and so are you. As I say on our show, we are kind of a big deal. I say that because each and everyone of us is important and until you start to realize that, in my opinion it's hard to reach success.

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