Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Connection is where it's at!"

HUGE week this week. I am sorry for not checkin in lately. I have been sooo busy with the radio show I haven't had time to do much writing. I have been shooting updated videos but I haven't had time as of yet to upload them and get them to facebook and YouTube. It will all happen as it should. I take my own advice which is accepting things as they are and not pushing anything. I did the best I could.. and then surrendered the rest to God.

I just spent a full 2 days at an outdoor Expo this weekend where I met some pretty amazing people who have lots of passions for what they do. Some of them were selling things that weren't even their real passion and after talking to them, we realized just how involved they are in other projects that we could help them in a variety of ways. Christian and I were intentional about being there. We knew we wanted to be in service to people there... and that is exactly what we did. I love that there is.. sooo much value that we bring to others when all we do is look for opportunities to show love and concern for them. It seemed like the more we gave.. the more was given to us. It's awesome.

I really truly believe that it was no accident that Christian and I were brought together to do this radio show. You couldn't have picked a more perfect match to host a show together in such an authentic real way. We both are soo passionate about helping people and we feel this is the perfect platform to allow people to get their word out.

In order for us to continue doing the show, we need sponsors. If you or anyone you know would like to advertise on our site, we are giving a ton of value in our different sponsor packages. We just partnered up with some people who will help us get millions of listeners to our show with in a week or so. We are really excited about it and know we get to help tons of people and that is what drives our passion to put the amount of work into what we are doing right now. If you are interested or know anyone who might be interested in getting "world wide" exposure to their message or business, please have them contact me directly at 801-427-0490. We are only taking a limited of sponsors so if this resonant with you .. let me know!!

Just to bring this full circle..about connecting.. Christian and I spent hours upon hours building relationships of trust with people.. connecting with them. This is VITAL. If you want to influence people.. you need to be willing to serve them. You serve others by showing interest in them and in what they are doing and then look for opportunities to truly serve them in an authentic way. Naturally .. the relationship grows... really it grows organically. I can't tell you how many times this weekend that the person I connected with got that look in their eye and shaking their head saying to me.. "I needed to meet you!" Yeah.. I KNOW. I say that because it happens to me multiple times a day sometimes. It's because I am connected and doing the work God wants me to do. I am learning to trust God that he will put the exact right people along my path when I need them and sure enough, he never lets me down. Doesn't mean I haven't doubted him though. It's tough sometimes.

Well.. to all my new friends out there.. I want you to know is what I am doing and where I am going in life is truly a calling. I am just one person and I get that God is all powerful and as long as I stay connected to Him, there is NOTHING He can't do. I am excited to watch how a lot of this HUGE stuff I have called to plays out. I thank you for all the support you have given me. I watch the stats of this blog and I know you are out there watching. I pray if something resonant with you.. whether it's me coaching you one on one.. or you want me to speak to a group that you have or want to be on the radio show or get involved.. please don't hesitate to contact me directly.

I will be doing a better job at blogging daily again as I work on keeping balance in my everyday life. I encourage you to do the same!!

ACT NOW: Look for opportunities to serve others and naturally you will connect with them

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