Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just some thoughts

You know.. it's soo interesting to me to watch where my life is going and at the speed of which it is flying. Just a short 3 weeks ago I was chugging along.. growing my personal one on one coaching business, speaking career and beginning to develop some health programs for businesses and corporations when a guy named Christian Jensen asked me if we could meet. I wasn't expecting to get offered this opportunity of a life time to be a co-host of a world wide radio show ( only an hour after we had met. Anyone who knows me knows that I am one to take action. I didn't use to be that way but now I see an opportunity and I jump on it trusting that it will work out. It hasn't been easy.. but boy has it been worth it. I am meeting all kinds of people. I am meeting famous people and everyday ordinary people.. both have passions and messages they care to share with the world. When Christian first brought this idea of social media and life coaching to me I have to be honest with you I didn't see the big picture at the time. As we do 2 hours a night Monday through Friday, it's becoming very evident to me how important this show is to the world. We have tapped into something HUGE .. a platform really for so many people who are passionate about their messages and ideas and a way for them to get exposure to people from all over the world.

It just is amazing how God works in putting us two complete strangers together and watch how well we work together in making this radio show a success .. really a win win win for everyone. The people we are meeting is just mind boggling. The experiences they all have and the passion they share. We keep attracting people who have the same underlining message which is we need to first be in service to others in business and the money will follow.

There is a major shift happening in the universe and I am seeing that more and more people are experiencing and waking up to the reality that we need to get into a space of service and giving rather than of taking. I almost feel like a broken record sometimes but truth is truth and that is what we are all about.

So.. with everything going on, I am learning to still keep balance in my life. It's tough at this stage but I am still taking time to take care of me. I am the most important person in my life. As I joke around in saying ... "I'm kind of a BIG deal." It's true.. I am important and I do matter and if I don't take care of me and my needs, I can't be in service to others. It's true of each and everyone of you out there as well. I know it can seem like it's a bit selfish to feel that way but I believe it's true so get used to me saying it over and over again. I believe so much in it... I bought the domain name.. I don't have anything up there yet.. but soon I will be developing a whole program around that concept. Especially .... for women. We tend to always put ourselves last and that's gotta stop. We are important and we matter so get shifting that mindset and start taking care of yourself.

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