Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"BLAST OFF ... For Sure"

As I begin this adventure I am on with our new Radio Show, there are a few things I am learning along the way. One of them is that as I am stepping into this HUGE arena of exposure, I am realizing that my entire life experience has prepared me for this. I know people have said how important it is that we do what we love to do and success will follow but REALLY? I wasn't sure that was the case ... UNTIL NOW!! It's soo interesting to me that not even a week ago I had no idea I would be doing what I am doing although I have known for sometime that this wave of exposure was coming and that it was a matter of time til it hit. It took me surrendering myself and taking care of me in order to find my groove. Who would have thunk that turning inward would create massive amounts of healing and shifting?

I spent sometime this last weekend at a women's retreat where I was away from all media, internet, cell phone etc. All I had was me and nature and a few other women who also were looking to unplug from the world and intentionally plugging into their souls. I know I was suppose to be there. I know that the people I met, the experiences I had and the connection I made with God was in perfect harmony for me. I almost didn't go. I actually had already paid to attend another conference but at 2 am the night before the retreat I got the prompting to sign up and just go.... so after only getting an hour and a half of sleep that night I drove 3 hours up to Logan Canyon... to truly unplug.

As soon as I got out of the canyon on Saturday at 10:30pm I started calling my co-host of the radio show and suggested that we have Johnny K ( do a little intro sound bite for our show and funny thing was.... Christian said to me, "HANDLED!" They had already done it the day before. How do these sorts of things happen so quickly? It's almost too good to be true. I guess the only way to make sense of it all is to say it's a "God Thing." I love God things. When we are doing what we are suppose to, everything just works out.

Well.... we have some amazing guests coming on the show in the coming weeks. We are only 2 days into running our show and already people are clamoring to be guests and wanting to get involved in what we are doing. It's just amazing to watch.

As for me personally, I am excited and at the same time am holding on for dear life. This will be fun knowing it will take work but bring it on.. it's fun work. It's me being me helping others be them.


  1. Hey Becky,

    Thanks for your inspiration! I have been having my own weight loss challenges and seeing your posts really helps me keep posted. Thanks!

    Also, just wanted to reinforce your words of how things work. If you let the universe (God to some) help you, if you are truly passionate about helping and giving back, it is truly amazing what can happen. I am a believer,
    because daily it is what happens to Don and I. We have started helping small businesses achieve what we have achieved, on a small scale to start, but we are really making a difference in peoples lives. YEAH.

    Jane May Jones

    Thanks for being you

  2. That is soo great to hear that Jane. See if more of us would be willing to truly LET GO and be in service more to others we would see just how easy it all is. I hope to hook up with you guys sometime soon. Thank you for your support in everything I do. I really appreciate it.