Tuesday, May 3, 2011

World Wide Radio Show - 1st Night

Man.. I have to say, I was driving as fast as I could without being unsafe and made it just as we begun our first World Wide Radio Show Premier. Emotions were high and I was saying the serenity prayer multiple times during the 30 minute drive to Draper where Christian Jensen and Johnny K were waiting oh so patiently for me.

What an incredible last week this has been. I met with Christian Jensen, who is my co-host of our new Radio Show, in person, just last Wednesday and within a couple of hours he  had the logo complete, website up and our facebook fan page going. It was like lightening in a bottle for me. What an amazing guy. I don't know if I have ever felt things move at that kind of speed before. Many times it takes month and months of hard work for people to get that all accomplished and I happen to now be in business with such a talented guy. I love how God works. This whole idea of us working together was a God thing. We still don't even know each other well.. other than we both feel very strongly that we are a perfect fit for the massive amount of value we are going to bring to people world wide through this show.

Tonight's show did NOT go perfectly for the first half an hour and sure enough it was perfect. Really .. it was perfect in the sense that.. that is just like life. When things don't go the way we want them to, what do most of us do? We give up.. we kick ourselves and shake our heads and then we flush our dreams and ideas down the toilet. Dang it if I was going to let that happen. So after about a half an hour of pure frustration, we pulled it together and carried on. I was soo proud of Christian for shifting into a place where we could continue and roll with the punches or as he says it take the bull by its horns. I agree, sometimes that is what you gotta do with life.

So.. we made it through our first run and for the most part it was awesome. I LOVE the energy we have together and how we compliment each other during the conversation. That's what makes it so interesting. We are discovering each other as well as sharing what we both do best with not only those who come on the show but also the listeners.

What happened after the show was a literal miracle to say the least. We really got to see the talents and abilities of Johnny K as he worked his magic and did some energy healing on both of us. What an amazing guy! Let me tell you, I just sat there in AAHHH watching him do his thing. We ended up the night with him serving us when all we wanted to do is serve and help him. THIS IS WHAT THE RADIO SHOW IS ALL ABOUT.

We will be bringing on some very high profile names as well as the average every day people who have a message and we want to help them along their path.. no matter where they are on that path to better their life as well as provide them tools to help get their message or ideas out there. It's all one big WIN WIN WIN. That's how we role.

So tune in from 7-9pm Monday - Friday to listen to who we have on next and what advice we give them in helping them with their own business using social media. I am looking forward to working each night with Christian and really learning for myself from the EXPERT himself. How lucky am I? If you miss our LIVE show, you will be able to download the show and listen to it later. Please, feel free to comment and give us feedback. We are totally open to it.

We bring you practical everyday fundamental principles to use when it comes to Social Media coming from the EXPERT himself.

Go to http://www.rainsocialradio.com/ and see who we have lined up for upcoming shows.

If you would like to be a guest on the show feel free to email us at RainSocialRadio@gmail.com.

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  1. Good going, Becky and the World Wide Radio Team.