Friday, August 26, 2011

"Your RESULTS in life are a direct reflection of your Beliefs!" What beliefs are holding you back?

Ever wondered how much your self talk (inner dialogue) really affects your outside world and your results? Well, studies have shown what you believe has a DIRECT affect on your results. I will show you. This is not new and many people teach in all kinds of different ways but this is what resonates for me.

So say your RESULT that you are not happy with is being overweight.

RESULT = Being overweight   

ACTIONS = Over eat, don't eat, Eat unhealthy Foods, don't exercise, Isolates 

FEELINGS = Discouraged, lonely, stressed, hopelessness, self pity, fear

BELIEFS = "I am not good enough"  or "I'll never succeed" or "Losing Weight is HARD"

Can you see how when you have an underlining belief of "Losing weight is HARD" that you are creating the very result of making losing weight difficult by your belief? People that have positive results, think differently .. act differently have different feelings and most importantly have completely different beliefs.

Now, for me when I changed my core belief around weight loss it TOTALLY changed my results. So let me take you through the same exact equation using a healthy positive belief.

 RESULTS = Healthy Body, Mind and Soul

ACTIONS= Exercise, Eat Healthy foods, Meditate, Mindful of themselves and their bodies, Productive, Organized, Peaceful

FEELINGS = Joy, Fulfilled, Peace, Inspired, Contentment, Passion, 

BELIEF = "I am of Great Value" or "I Matter"or "I am Enough" or "I am POWERFUL"

So to answer the question, 'Do our beliefs dictate our results in our lives?'... ABSOLUTELY! If you don't believe it, take any result in your life and plug it in this equation and check it out.  Work this formula for things you are experiencing in your life and you will find that these faulty core beliefs are at the very root of the problem and when you choose to change those beliefs, you change your results. I have seen this happen several times over in my own life. Again this is no destination, it's just a matter of getting to the very core.. choosing to shift the belief and then watch how your results shift. There is no right or wrong with this. We all have beliefs that are causing us to get undesirable results. We pick them up along the way in life. It's just a matter of being willing to do the work and then watching the miracles to happen and you begin to experience great RESULTS. 

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