Saturday, August 27, 2011

"Knowledge is NOT power. Knowledge put into ACTION is Power on SPEED!"

We all love to say "I KNOW!" But do we really? Know what? If you aren't living it, how can you possibly think you know it let alone believe it. I think back of how many times in my life that I have gotten to a point where I think I know something only to look at my results to see that I am missing something. For instance, someone might say to me.. "Becky, it's really vital that you get your 8 hours of sleep a night to be healthy." This is something I have struggled with for quite some time. My common answer to them is. "I know.. I know!" If I really knew, I would be doing it. How many times do we all do that? We all know it would be better for us to eat healthy, take better care of ourselves and put ourselves first but how many of us actually do it and what stops us from doing those things that we know better? Well, that is a loaded question.

For me it all came down to falling in love with myself and learning how important I am to me. Most people who have struggled with weight issues or been on diets their entire life.. up and down and up and down are EXPERTS at what we should or shouldn't be eating. I remember once being in the gym after many years of working with all kinds of different personal trainers telling a friend of mine that I would be an amazing personal trainer but who in the heck would listen to me. I was well over 100 lbs overweight. I could also tell you all the different diets out there.. what you should be eating, how much as well as what NOT to do .. so why wasn't I doing it? Back then, I remember wondering the same thing. What was stopping me? Why was this losing weight so dang hard and why does it sound so easy but so dang hard?

I get the question all the time.. "What was the defining moment when you decided enough was enough?" It wasn't just one moment. It was a series of events that brought me to the point where I was ready. It took one small decision or step in the right direction and then just staying the course one day at a time til I got to where I am today.

Knowledge is just knowledge until you put it into ACTION. That is why I say ... A.C.T. = Action Creates Transformation. It was once said by someone "God can't drive a parked car!" It's true. You have to choose to get in the car turn it on.... and TAKE YOUR DARN FOOT OFF THE BRAKE in order to get moving. The problem is so many of us allow all our fears and doubts as well as past failures to keep us from moving forward. I love to think of that as us sitting in the car with your foot on that brake and your hand with the emergency brake pulled back as far as it can go. It's so silly what we do. I know when I took a HUGE step back and looked at what I was doing to myself.. no wonder I was stuck. No wonder I couldn't move forward and create different results. If you find yourself in the same place than take a look at those areas in your life where you have your foot on the brake and TRUST God to show you the HOW of letting go. Once you move that car, even a little tiny bit, God now can help. Get into action.. decide right this very moment to get into action and to trust. Believe me it's soo much easier than you think. Believe in yourself... I believe in you. Let me know how it goes.

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