Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Attitude is EVERYTHING"

So tonight as I was leaving a Doterra Oil event, I was explaining to a friend of mine a few real challenges I am experiencing right now and she turned to me and said, "And you have a smile on your face." I got thinking. You know just as I wrote last time on the fact that I create my own life, it goes for my attitude as well.

I could be home crying and cursing God for some of the greatest challenges I have ever experienced but instead I show my gratitude for each moment in the way I choose to live my life. It's really your choice. I guess the one thing that keeps me going each day is that I know that everything in life has a purpose and how I choose to live it will determine whether or not I am living in Hell or Heaven.

I can't tell you just how incredibly grateful I am for the peace I have felt the last week. I live for that peace... even when everything seems to be crashing all around me. I am in the process of writing a blog about the struggles I have had with anxiety and how I have used essential oils in working through them. I am a huge believer in using more natural ways .. some may say alternative ways to helping me through life's challenges.

‎"Hold on, be patient for just a tiny bit longer. It's almost here.  Take a deep
breath and believe!" - Dawni  Christensen

So my challenge to you tonight.. as I sit here swinging on my porch, listening to beautiful music and hearing the beautiful sound of crickets is to check your attitude and if you find that it may be time for an adjustment just decide to adjust. It comes down to a conscious decision. Decide RIGHT NOW to choose peace over war and you will find the necessary balance you are looking for. God desires for you to feel peace. It's His heavenly way of giving you a huge HUG & KISS. Well.. at least that is how I see it. You are SOOO worth the God Kiss so SHIFT and create a whole new attitude if you need to.

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