Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"I Create my Life.. My Life Doesn't Create Me!"

How many times in life do we think we are just victims of our circumstances? I have learned through the school of hard knocks that this is NOT true. I truly am the creator of my own life. I know I have written on this but it's true. When I have taken the time to plan my food, my day, my activities out, I get soo much more out of life. The days that I allow take over me... I always seem to ask myself the question .."Where did the day go?" So for me something that has worked extremely good is that if I know I am going to be gone all day away from my home, that I prepare and pack all my food and carry it with me. This way I spend about 15-20 minutes preparing it and then I am done for the day... I don't have to ever think about it again. Back in the good old days I would spend almost my entire day thinking what I was going to eat, how much and where .. oh and don't forget all the shame rockin around in my head about what others would think of me as I ate certain foods. Now I prepare.. carry it with me.. and then just EAT IT. Oh.. and by the way, I LOVE my food. For those of you out there that know me personally and get the chance to be around me when I eat my food.. I am always doing the "YUMMY" sound while eating. I never thought healthy food tasted so good til I started eating it on a regular basis. Healthy food doesn't have to be boring. I couldn't eat like this if it didn't taste good.

So I was a guest on a radio show today where we talked about this very point in how important it is to live life on purpose and prepare. I can't stress enough what a difference this has made for me in my own life. We have been conditioned to think living a healthy life or eating well is HARD. STOP IT.. .. I am here to tell you otherwise. It's as easy or as hard as you want to make it. I remember for years me having that belief that losing weight was hard. Yes it takes work and I am not going to lie about that.. but it's NOT HARD. It takes living life one day at a time and making one small healthy decision at a time then another .. then another... and eventually you make it to the place you want to be.

I am not one that tells you that there is some grandiose destination... but I will tell you that as you do make those steps in the right direction, there is a TON of peace and balance that is waiting for you. Choose to create your life... and don't fall prey to the idea that you have to deal with what life gives you. STAND UP and take charge. Just as anything in life needs a director, be the director and create the life you want one moment at a time.

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