Sunday, August 28, 2011

"There is something brewing in the UNIVERSE for sure!"

As I walked away for the last time from a job that I held for 6 1/2 years last year, I couldn't help to feel a bit of trepidation wondering if I had lost my mind. I had been a property manager over a large apartment complex working with college age kids and had very much enjoyed many aspects and at the same time I have to admit it was one of the most challenging jobs I had ever experienced at the same time. I grew a ton, personal and professionally and was grateful for every moment of it.

At the time, I had just recently got a divorce, hit my goal weight and of course felt the distinct message that it was finally time for me to walk away from my very stable income to jump into a world of uncertainty. Although I felt a great amount of encouragement and faith, there was this feeling that everything was going to be ok. I guess you have to have known me to know what a HUGE risk and leap of faith this was for me.  So I began my walk down life where I started to connect with all these like minded people. I would attend conference after conference meeting more and more people who felt like they had been called to some higher purpose in life to help others. You mean I wasn't the only one? It astounded me as day in and day out I kept meeting more and more people who felt exactly as I did. I started seeing a pattern of how God speaks to me as well to many others whom I was meeting. It's not a quiet little voice of some sorts.. it's more like a HUGE SHOVE. Yeah.. that's right, a force to be recon with. As I started to contemplate my departure from my former marriage, life and job, it almost felt like I literally had NO CHOICE to stay where I was. It almost felt like I was bursting at my pant seems to get out of what I was doing at the time and step into a whole new pair of pants. Pants I had never thought I could or would fit into. These are the BIG GIRL PANTS.

As scary as that has seemed at times, I also am in such gratitude for the support not only God has given me but the people he has put into my life to help me along the way. It was almost like He called me to this work of helping and inspiring others... and then threw all these tools, inspiration, people... trainings in my way to show me the way. I can't say it's always been easy but God has provided me exactly what I have needed at the exact time I needed it.

So, the point is, I am NOT alone. I am not the only one who has walked away from a stable job to pursue this dream of inspiring others. I am not the only one out there that feels this force shoving me into the healing world. I am not the only one who has this message to share that WE MATTER. I am not the only one who has been given gifts to help guide people into stepping into the light and waking up.

It's awesome to see the gathering happen. There is a literal gathering that is happening on this planet. If you don't see it, start looking for it. It's a matter of time that we start healing this world, one soul at time.... one family at a time.. one community at a time. Be open to what God has to teach you because you never know when it will be your time when he calls you to this work of reaching out and lifting someone else.

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