Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Life...PEACE be unto You!"

The ebb and flows of life are quite interesting to watch. I look back on my own life and what has happened in the last year in a half and I am just amazed at where I have come from, where I am now and where I am headed. Do you ever ask the question, "What's NEXT?" I ask that all the time. Even though I am not big on trying to predict the future I do feel very strongly that there are things on this earth I am to learn and then share with billions of people.

I was writing an email to a friend of mine today expressing to her this feeling that I have had for quite sometime but I KNOW I wasn't just placed on this planet at this time to just exist. I KNOW I have certain things I am here to do. Certain people's lives to touch and inspire and with that being said, I know it's not about me. As more and more people are awakening to this universal calling, we are gaining strength in numbers to do God's work. People need healing. What I have gotten lately is that I have had to literally walk through my own hell first in order to really KNOW first hand how to help and lift others. The greatest teachers are those who teach from experience... and as tough as life has been at times, I also just keep telling myself that it's all part of my story. Every moment, thought and experience holds with it an energy which I draw on frequently to connect with others. Keeping that kind of perspective has kept me with my chin up and my body in motion. Yes, there are times when I want to give up, but then I step back and remember the eternal perspective of things and know that as I draw on the strength of the Lord, I am on His errand and with Him, nothing is impossible.

We all have a purpose and a mission to accomplish here. It's our choice to wake up to it.. search it out.. and ask the right questions to find direction. This process for me has taken me to my knees multiple times. It's not been an easy thing for me. I have searched, I have pleaded with the Lord, I have fasted and prayed and have sought out advice from many to find what I would call my TRUE NORTH. Ultimately though the only true source of truth is from God. I can find peace through Him. I am the one living with blinders on .... He sees the whole picture. He knows what I need to learn and how I need to learn it. I am sure it is hard on Him at times to see me struggle but knowing the end from the beginning He has the knowledge that I will be ok. He sends me angels, daily miracles and impressions to help guide me through this life.

So .. if you find yourself at times wondering. You are NOT alone! Know it's a matter of time if you are willing to put forth the effort to search and be willing to have your ears open to God's message and purpose for you. More than anything I seek to have PEACE in my life. I seek to help others feel peace from whatever it is they struggle with. Peace to me is being one with God and that is where I choose to be in this very moment.


  1. Becky, There are many things that I love about you, in fact I could make a very long list of "why I know Miss Becky Sampson is wonderful." One thing, at this moment stands out in my mind. I remember the days I first spent with you (Yes, indeed I am a BIG deal!)I will never forget the look in your eyes as you listened to others speak. It was as if no one else in the world existed. It was no cursory glance you tossed in their direction. But as you listened, your eyes impressed upon their soul, that they were fascinating to you, that you valued every word they spoke and those in which they could not. You amaze me my friend!

  2. Wow.. Thank you soo much Janet! I am intentional about that. That keeps me present with people. When we take the time to look deep into each other's eyes.. which is the window of their souls, we learn who they are and create a connection. Hope everything is going well for you.