Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Think it doesn't matter how you feel about yourself women.. THINK AGAIN! I proposed the question on Facebook the other day asking men how important it is that women in their lives love themselves. I got immediate reaction.. in private of course through Private messages as well as chats. This is a HUGE deal for Men. I can't tell you how many men have come to me and told me how much this has affected them and many times was a huge factor in their divorce.

What is it about us women that doesn't accept and love ourselves? I have to admit that I struggled a lot with this very problem while I was married too. My former husband would tell me I was beautiful and I would just throw his comments to the curb. I also remember my old boss giving me praise for all the hard work I was doing and every single time I would down play it or minimize the comments. I can't say I thought much of myself back then. Although if I didn't get the praise, I also became resentful. I would often ask repetitively to my former husband why he didn't show more affection towards me or tell me he loved me more. It was almost like I had a hole in my soul that never could get filled. I remember him telling me that even if he did compliment me, it never was enough. Ever feel like you are always asking .. and asking.. and never getting enough to feel fulfilled? As many of you know, I have come a long way. Being in the relationship I am now, I am soo grateful to know that I don't NEED his affection, his praise or acceptance, although it's nice. It's a totally different way of living. I am here to tell you that you CAN recover from this hole in your soul. You CAN get to the point where you KNOW deep inside of you your value whether anyone else ever tells you so. I found it by going straight to GOD. He is ultimately the only one who can truly validate me.

It is really hard on men to watch their women whom they love very much.. not love themselves. They keep asking me how they can get their ex wives involved with me or their wives without hurting their feelings. I don't have an answer to that other than, someone has to want to want help and be ready to begin the journey of loving themselves in order to make the necessary shifts.

I am developing content on a program called "Falling in Love with yourself, one body part at a time." I woke up the other day quite early with my mind racing with content around this subject. I couldn't fall back to sleep so I got writing. I couldn't help but think what a difference our lives would be like if we really truly learned to fall in love with ourselves. I am not talking about in a selfish way.. I am talking in a very authentic appreciative way. If you feel you are ready to make that journey, let me know. I will be introducing some online communities here soon and some other programs to help you along the way.

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  1. Completely loved your content. You are echoing my thoughts and I would love to hear more and get a step by step guide on how to love myself. I have been married for a year now and find a complete change in my personality. I was always a high energy, happy individual who was very regular to the gym. Somehow i lost myself in the coziness of the relationship and realized that my husband does not notice anything about it. I stopped putting efforts in looking beautiful. A year later I have put on almsot 10 kgs of weight and feel unappreciated. Really need your help and need to lift myself up.