Saturday, June 11, 2011

"Willingness comes in the doing" PROCRASTINATION no more!

This is what came to me as I was live on the radio talking with Dave Blanchard of the Og Mandino Group. I often get asked what the magic pill is to releasing weight and finding balance and peace in my life. My answer is always .."It's willingness." How do you get willingness you might ask? The only real way that has worked for me is to just get in action. As Og Mandino says.. "ACT NOW." As many of you know that I am all about ACTION. It's also been one of my biggest challenges too. It just goes to show, what we struggle with most and are able to push through is usually what we need to be teaching. Procrastination is very real in each one of our lives. Why do we keep putting off the very things we need the most in our lives. One being taking care of ourselves. We truly only have today but most of us seem to live in the tomorrow mentality.

A friend of mine called me today telling me he knew he was putting off doing things he needed to get done. I took him through the process of prioritizing those action steps and then putting a deadline to them. It was difficult for him to get to the point where he could give me a straight answer when asked "BY WHEN" but eventually he got there. What I have found is most of us .. including me, is we are standing in our own way when it comes to getting things done in life. I wish I had all the answers but I am learning right along side of you when it comes to pushing through whatever fears we have that cause us to procrastinate and get into ACTION. It's in the doing that we find success and forward movement.

I sometimes get stuck in the "WHY" am I procrastinating and what I am finding is sometimes I don't need to know why.. it just doesn't matter. It is what it is.. NOW WHAT? If the why is keeping you stuck, move on. If you think you need to have everything perfect before you take a step in a direction, GET OVER IT. I love what a friend of mine says all the time.. "Done is better than perfect." That has really helped me move forward. Don't you dare think you are alone in this world and that you are the only one struggling with this evil practice of procrastination. The only thing that separates successful people from not so successful people is successful people are "Willing" to get into ACTION. So put the exuses to the side and the stories and JUST DO IT.

ACT NOW: List 3 things you have been procrastinating that you need to get done. Look at that list and ask yourself which one is the most important to get done 1st then put a deadline to it and become accountable to someone for that deadline. It's vital that you have an accountability partner or in my experience it doesn't get done. Then repeat the same process for determining the 2nd action step and the 3rd. Just DO IT! .. DO IT NOW and I promise that you will feel a HUGE sense of relief in your life as well as see things get in motion. I would love to hear how this works for you.

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