Monday, June 6, 2011

"Me just being ME!" - No less than.. No More than!

So many times in life we look at others and think, 'Oh.. I am  not good enough to be talking to them.. or I am too good to talking to this person." Well, at least this is how I used to function in life. I was too afraid that who I was would not be accepted by others... especially those people that I deemed to be successful or more influencial than me. It's so interesting to watch how I am interacting and in the space of very successful people and how I can just see them for who they are and not what they have accomplished. Had a discussion with someone this morning on this very subject. It just seems like my  heart has shifted in such a big way that I see people how God sees them.. not even how they may see themselves or how others asteem them to be. I am not sure that makes any sense but it's probably because I am still trying to make sense of it myself.

I am learning that the very best thing I can do to connect with others and to bring success into my life is to be me and being me brings value to people's lives. For so many years, I never thought I amounted to anything and at times those thoughts still pleg me but more times than others I stand in the space of knowing my true value regardless of who is around me.

I am beautiful ... inside and out. I am intelligent and kind and loving. I am creative and courageous. 35 Years of my life.. I couldn't say that .. let alone believe it. I sometimes don't recognize who I am.. or even who I was. I am still stuck in this in between stage of my life. It's one day at a time healing that brings me further into alignment of who I truly am in God's eyes. He shows me bit by bit and line upon line as I choose to follow His footsteps on the path of life.

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