Friday, October 15, 2010


I was at a meeting last night and was reminded of this Personal Manifesto that I came across months ago. I used to read it every night. I am going to start that up again because it brings me a lot of peace.


- I am responsible for myself
- I am responsible for living my own life
I am responsible for tending to my own spiritual, emotional, physical, and financial well-being.
I am responsible for identifying and fulfiling my own needs, wants and desires
I am responsible for living according to my own values and standards
I am responsible for knowing and defending my own boundaries
I am responsible for solving my own problems and for living with those I cannot solve
I am responsible for making up my own mind, even when this means disagreeing with others
I am responsible for reevaluation of a situation and changing my mind when appropriate
I am responsible for setting my own priorities and for achieving my own goals
I am responsible for my own decisions and their outcomes
I am responsible for whom I love and for how I choose to express that love
I am responsible for what I do to others and for what I allow others to do to me
I am not expected to be perfect
I am not expected to foresee every consequence of every action
I am not expected to do more than my fair share
I am not expected to be responsible for random events
I am not expected to be responsible for other people's actions,
feelings, needs, or problems except when I so choose
All of me, every aspect of my being is important
I count for something
I matter
My feelings are valid
My thoughts are appropriate
I trust and believe in myself
I value my wants and needs
I have rights and I am expected to stand up for those rights
I do not deserve, and will not tolerate abuse or constant mistreatment
The decisions I make and the way I conduct myself will reflect my high self-esteem
I am unique and special
Within me is infinite value

I am me!

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