Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Attitude of Gratitude"

If there is one thing that has carried me through this past year of my life, it is Gratitude. I can't say it's always been easy or that I have been in that place 100% of the time but boy do I find myself thanking my Heavenly Father for the many blessing I have daily. I try to also let others in my life know how much I appreciate them even though at times I feel pain. I was reminded this morning how important it is for me to remember sometimes that an experience which maybe painful can be an opportunity for growth. Just as a muscle first has to be torn in order to begin the process of repairing and then ultimately be strengthened, so it is with my soul in recovery. My life and my recovery is never complete until one day when I leave this mortal life. As I remember that fact, each 24 hour period brings about more joy and more love and sometimes more pain and as I learn to be in a place of gratitude for the many blessings I have been given through it all, I learn to rely more on God for my strength. 

It is God's way of showing us that he loves and cares for us when he gives us challenges and when we choose to have the courage to take a look at the lessons and the gifts those moments have for us. I used to go to the food when I felt uncomfortable feelings like fear, pain, loneliness, now I give myself permission to feel those emotions without judgement and eventually they go away. Often times, I turn to my recovery work which includes writing, reading, making calls to trusted friends, listening to music, meditating and studying. Those are my tender mercies in life. I used to think these emotions I feel would kill  me if I didn't eat over them to make them go away..  now I understand and accept that I am human and ok regardless of what I am feeling. It's all just information. Can't say I am always comfortable but I am getting comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. It's another tender mercy.

Each day I write down 5 tender mercies. I do this so that I am in the attitude of gratitude. The gift I receive by doing this is that I acknowledge God for what he has given me and keep myself focused on the positive things in my life... the little miracles I experience each day. I challenge you to do the same and see what a difference it makes in your own life.

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