Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Being in Service to others....Being in Service to Myself

There is a lot to be said in this world for being in service to others. It's what makes the world go round. For me I have found a lot of peace and joy as I have allowed myself to be directed to serve others. Kind of interesting to watch who is attracted into my space. The other interesting part of it is that the more and more I serve, the more and more I receive. Although that's not the sole purpose I have in serving others it's just the law of reciprocity. There is a tangible shift I feel happening in this world where more people are starting to realize the importance of being service oriented. It goes back to what I learned being a manager for years. I remember the day that it finally dawned on me that my job as a manager wasn't to tell others what to do or even manage their emotions or tasks... it was to SERVE THEM. As I learned to serve them, they became more confident in making their own decisions and they felt freedom to do things the way that worked best for them. Honoring their uniqueness even though sometimes the way they did things wouldn't be the way I would do them.. it was ok. Allowing people the freedom to feel, act, work and connect in their own way, is a great gift.

I am realizing this also in relationships. When I am not attached to the result of any relationship, there is a freedom that takes place in my own heart. Really I just surrender to what is rather than hoping for what may or may not be.

As I am working on my book, I see this same principle of surrendering to what is coming into play. I know that the words, the stories and the flow of it all will happen exactly the way it's suppose to be. My only job is to make sure I am in a place of peace within my heart to allow this writing to flow through me. This is an interesting time for me where I am learning to let go of any and all agendas and just be a true vessel of my own truth. There are a lot of things and concepts that I have come to learn and now I am passionate about sharing it with others. Even if writing this book may just be for me, it will be perfect for me and my journey.

So as I learn to be in service to myself, I am learning that I am a Beautiful, Powerful, Passionate, Loving Caring Woman who knows her truth and speaks it! This is in many ways I new place for me. In the past when I was in my addiction, I never felt safe to be who I truly was for fear of great rejection from others. Where did these feelings come from that I wasn't worthy of others love and acceptance? Who knows, but I know a lot of us feel them. What would this world look like if we could be honest with each other and if we could share authentically at any given moment our inner thoughts? For me that's living in true integrity. I am learning along this journey of mine to speak my truth and gift others the freedom to feel what they do about it. It's a beautiful place to be.

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