Saturday, September 25, 2010

"Receiving.. vs Taking"

I discovered something on a deeper level this weekend. This life is not a life of just giving giving and more giving. There are times that I get to receive. So much of my life I haven't thought I was worthy to be the recipient of service. A friend of mine is helping me see that I not only get to learn to take care of myself first but also that it is ok to ask for support from others when I am in need. When did I first learn in my life that asking for help was a bad things, let alone being "willing" to receive is even worse. We all create faulty core beliefs around certain things that many times don't make any sense. God would never give us the message that receiving is a bad thing.. or that somehow that means that we are takers. The adversary is who tells us these lies day in and day out. I choose today to take care of me and to create a support team around me that when I need them, I can call on them. I do have to clarify that I believe and know for a surety that God has brought certain people into my life to teach me and to support me. I thank God for those experiences and blessings they are in my life.

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  1. Dear Becky,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I can so relate to what you have said. I have no problem at all being there for everyone else when ever or where ever they need me. However I have an extremely rough time asking anyone for the same in return.
    Thanks again!
    Sincerely, Yvette